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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kids Art: Painting Octopus with Watercolors and Glue

It's been way to long since I posted a Kids Art Tutorial!!
So I thought I'd share some octopi my art students painted a summer ago...

This would be a perfect art project for a elementary classroom studying Marine Biology...

By The Way...

Did you know, we grow the worlds largest Octopus right here in the Puget Sound?
(The largest know one weighed 600 lbs and had an arm span of 30 feet.)

I started out having the kids draw an octopus in pencil, asking that they use the whole page for their design with some parts going totally off the paper....

The next step is to go over the design with colored glue.  This time we used black.
If you haven't colored glue before its easy, just add some acrylic paint to a bottle of glue and then stir like heck till it's all mixed in ( I use a chopstick to stir).  Then use the glue bottle to go over your drawing.

The glue works as a raised resist so after it's dry, finish your painting with watercolors.

 This talented group of kids made me look good.  :)

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Just search Kids Art using the "Search this Blog" button at the top of this page.

Thanks for visiting!!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Stay Weird Jewelry a Vintage Remix

Last week while my 17 year old was home sick with a fever....I took the opportunity to hang out with her, putt around the house and make some jewelry.  I do hate it when she's sick but I love our time together!!

Anyway I've been wanting to make some more jewelry and I love the old photo of our hen Pebbles...She was the sweetest thing and had the craziest head of "hair".

My plan was to say "just me being me" on the front and "be yourself" on the back.

After the Oscars and Graham Moore's speech I put "Stay Weird" on the back instead...
If you haven't read it look it up!  :)

Did I mention I use my Vintage typewriter for the words? 
It's a big ugly electric one but I LOVE it's font!!  :)

The bit of bling is an old clip on earring I picked up somewhere???

The next day I made one that has the "Stay Weird" in front....
I have more to share but that's another day...

Stay Weird!!


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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bicycle Dresser

Hello again friends.   Here in the PNW, Spring is in the air, (sorry to all dealing with record colds) but we have had unseasonably warm weather... (yes I know it won't last but one can hope and should at least enjoy)!

In honor of this spring like weather I thought I'd share the Bicycle dresser I finished a while ago.

It started as a cheap dresser that I picked up for $3.00.  Because it wasn't especially well built or even vintage, I felt very comfortable trying something new and a little bit different...
After all what did I have to lose??  Three dollars.  :)
Ha-Ha...Nice photography...you can see the tail end of my dog.  :)
So I painted the outside my favorite yellow and painted the drawers white..after removing the knobs of course.

I sketched the bike in pencil and the started painting using using an assortment of acrylic paints.

Outlining some of the flowers in black to make them pop.

So what do you think?  Wouldn't it be cute in a little girls room?

Well that's it for today...You have an awesome weekend!!
(I have an sick kiddo at home and the weekend off so I see more crafting in my near future.)  :)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Winner of Pot Holder Drawing is...

Well, I survived my first Valentine's Day as a florist...Whew...Today I will stay home, put my feet up...Clean house,work in the garden (it's be been beautiful her in the PNW), buy grocery's ...Okay maybe I won't put my feet up but I Will slow down and enjoy what I'm doing!!!

I do want to thank everyone who participated in my drawing!!  Especially my
followers old and new!!! 

I choose not to make people follow me to enter...I want you to hang out with me because you enjoy my projects, my blog, my ideas...not to win something!!!  So...to those new followers hopeful we'll get to know each other a little better and I will offer up some new ideas or projects for you to try!!  :)

Such a sophisticated way to pick a winner.

Anyway...The winner of the Pot Holders is Shirley from Hudson's Holiday Designs,  She has a lovely blog, so zip on over and check it out.  I promise you won't be disappointed!!!
Happy Monday I mean Tuesday.  ;)


Monday, February 9, 2015

Still Time to Enter the Valentine Giveaway

Here's a last minute reminder that there's still time to enter and win these sweet Valentines Hot Pads.
Just visit the original post HERE and leave a comment in the comment box.

Don't forget to follow me...There's plenty of good things to come and more Giveaways...just because it's fun!!!  :)


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy Sew Pot Holders for Valentines and A Give Away

I went to the fabric store the other day just wanting some spring fabric...I wasn't even sure what I was going to do with it...maybe I would make a banner or pendant maybe some pot holders...maybe????
I just needed spring!!! With all my Christmas decorations down and no hope of snow (it's been so warm here in the Pacific Northwest) my house and myself were feeling a bit dreary.

So I bought some "Happy Fabric" and decided to make pot holders (or do you call them hot pads?) for my friends for Valentines Day.  (Let me just say right now ...what a stupid idea!  They may be easy but they are a bit time consuming).

After washing the fabric I cut out a bunch of squares 8" x 8".

I laid  them out on my table to determine what pieces I wanted to put together.

I did an applique on one side and the left the other side plain...I had way to much fun putting the different fabric together!!!  I think that's my favorite part!

Using an iron on adhesive made the appliques easy...You just iron the adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric and then draw your design on the paper side...cut it out, peel the paper off, flip it over and iron it to the right side of your pot holder.

I laid my design out first before ironing....
In this case I sewed just the leaf on first and then ironed on the bird and the heart...

 Before stitching over the rest of the applique, I layered and sewed the pot holder together.

Here's how I did it..

I put two layers of my insulation fabric down (I like my pot holders thick.), then with the right side up I put the first fabric square on and then the 2nd one goes right side down...so that the the fabrics are right sides together and the padding is sitting under them. 

Then sew all around the square with an 1/2" seam allowance leaving about a 3 inch opening on one side to turn the square inside out...don't forget to trim the corners and excess seam allowance before you flip it.

Then sew around the edges and sew your applique on too.

I made these bright little birdies for my kitchen...

 And Guess What...

I made this set for YOU!!!!!

YUP...That's right...I'm giving away a pair of my hot pads to one lucky reader...

Okay, so it's not the lottery, but I do want to say thank you to all my faithful followers.  :)

I really do appreciate you always stopping by and it makes my heart goes thump thump when you leave a comment!!!

So this is my Valentine gift to you (well at least one of you).

Just leave me a comment and I will put you in the drawing for the hot pads and if your not following I would love it if you would!!! I have a ton of projects to share this year.  :)

I will put all the names in a hat and have one of the kids draw it a week from today....

Wed, February 11, 2015


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hand Stitching Christmas

I know the holidays are over but I've been in a sewing mood lately...which is a good thing because I almost sold out on my applique Christmas stockings and I know I won't feel like working on them come spring.

Plus I had a couple of special orders that pushed me on ...

"Sew" the week between Christmas and New Years I cut out and pinned 7 stockings...
This way, with the designing done, all I have to do is choose a stocking and start stitching...
Just grab and go...  
 With a daughter in club volleyball, I'm on the road a lot and
there's way to much down time for a "get er done" person like me.  :)

The stockings keep my hands busy and help me feel like I'm still accomplishing something.

I finished this happy little monster at a Volleyball tournament in Eugene.

And started the Lab in between games in Tacoma.

The Santa and the Jeeps were finished one hour at a time on my lunch breaks at work...

This one was a special order for a lovely customer and her jeep loving husband.

 I was so pleased with the way it turned out I made a 2nd one to sell in my Etsy shop.
I think it will be a big hit...I should probably make more!  :)

How about you?  Are there any of you out there still working on Christmas or am I the only one???

And of course I will be linking up to many of the parties in my side bar.
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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!