Thursday, August 18, 2011

For the Love of Birds ....Hummingbirds!!

So many people seemed to enjoy my post about my new bird feeder...That this week I thought I'd share with you my "Hummingbird Garden".

It's hard to imagine how such a little bird can give one so much pleasure...but they do!!

I have learned that if I plant my pots with the right plants, my patio will be full of those happy little guys zipping through everything...Sometimes right between us while were eating dinner.

Of course by now you know my favorite time to enjoy them..... is with that morning cup of "Java" when the sun has just begun to flood the patio...Ahhh Heaven!!


So by now you are probably wondering what does she plant in those "Patio Pots"?

 Well.....My #1 chose is any variety of Salvia this plant seems to be... by far the favorite of my "Hummers"!
Salvia comes in colors from coral to pink to blue....My faves are always the blue variety's...but I do love the white and pink of "Hot Lips" and often plant that one in my garden beds too!
As for the Hummingbirds...They don't seem to care what color...They are always drawn to Salvia!

Ecremocarpus..."Chillean Glory Vine"

I have planted many different vines threw the years and the "Chilean Glory Vine" is equally loved by both the hummingbirds and myself...Even the seed pods are fantastic!!


Although I don't have it in pots I need to mention that Crocosmia is also a favorite...I have it planted carelessly in the garden under the fire pit, where I can see it from my kitchen window and by August it is a major attraction for the little birds!

Fushia and a summer annual

We (the Hummingbirds and I) also adore the Hardy Fuchsia...I have varieties planted throughout my garden and in my patio pots.

Hardy fushia "Auroa"

The one above has survived in my large pot for 4 or 5 years now...There's no longer room for any other plants although I did manage to squeeze a little Chilean vine in just for the interest..  :)

Orange Black Eyed Susan Vine,  Salvia

 I love the contrast of the bright orange pedals against the black centers of the Black Eyed Susan Vine...but I have yet to see a hummingbird visit it.   

The other thing I need to mention when planning a "Hummingbird Garden" is a place for them to perch....I have noticed that they like to have a spot where they can survey the area before swooping in to feed....They will also stop to rest there after enjoying a snack.  :)
They use to perch in neighboring bushes around the patio but when I put this Hummingbird sculpture in my large pot, they added it to a favorite stopping place...
The fact that it is a giant Hummingbird makes it all the better!!  :)
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  1. Sooo pretty. It must be great to be able to greet the day with these little fellas in the morning~

  2. This is a wonderful post, you are fortunate in getting hummingbirds in your garden... we don't get a lot of hummers here and I do so enjoy them... great pics! Larry

  3. Oh wow! You got so many great shots of those little guys. I am amazed! I get a few but never seem to have my camera on me when they are around.

  4. I enjoyed the photos you took of the hummers on your flowers, it's hard to get them. They do bring a lot of pleasure to backyard bird watching.

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Really, like Heaven!

  6. Absoulutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Found you via Sisters of the Wild West. Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  7. hi Denise, I am SO impressed with your photos! Those tiny birds are quick and my reflexes are not even fast enough to pick up the camera. Great photos! We get the ruby throats migrating through this time of year and always look forward to them hanging out with us a bit. I appreciate your remarks about the preferred hummingbird plants too - thank you for sharing! xo, Diane (ps, clicking over from sister sunday)

  8. I just adore Hummingbirds - while watering this morning one was buzzing the water - it came so close to me as if enjoying my company as much as I did its. You've captured these beauties wonderfully,

  9. I love hummingbirds! I had a number of them that loved our yard when I lived in Arizona. I need to plant these so I can appreciate them here at my new house! Thanks for the suggestions :) Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  10. I love when hummingbirds come into my yard!



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