Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kids Art: Spray Painting Spring

Oh-wouldn't it be great if we could just open a can of spray paint and spray out SPRING???  We could use some of that around here...It's been RAINY and WINDY.

Anyway that's just what my art kids did...They Spray painted Spring...
And I have to say this was one of our favorite projects!!!

I got the idea when I was going through Garret's sketch book...He does graffiti art and one of his favorite "doodles" is a hand holding a can of spray paint.  He usually has his name coming out of it... in all sorts of creative ways.


I thought...what if...I have him do a directed draw and have the kids draw their version of what they love about SPRING Spraying out of the can.

Great idea, huh?

Garret giving the directed draw...the kids loved his sketch book!

Garret always does a wonderful job teaching the younger kids and I think it's so good for the boys to see that drawing is cool at all ages (they adore Garret)!!  Of course he IS pretty AWESOME!!  :)

We discussed how, when paint comes out of the can the spray gets wider the further it goes from the can

OK...So Joey's doesn't really say spring...It does say Joey!!  :)
Notice how he copied Garret's Skull and Crossbones?

The kids all designed their paint can labels differently!?  Such talent!!
This would be a fun project to do for any season or holiday!!
Give it a try (if you do, I would love to hear how it turned out)!!

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But most of all thanks for stopping by!!


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