Thursday, June 27, 2013

Americana Stool DIY

Yup...This is my 3rd post in one week...Pretty amazing for me...
The thing is....I really wanted to get this stool up before the forth of July!!
So here it is....

I just finished it yesterday ....Possibly a little late to sell for the 4th....but I feel "Americana" is...Summertime...Rodeo's....Country Roads....and Red Necks... Not just 4th of July!!!!
Are ya with me?!?!

Anyway...It was a pretty strait forward design...
The first thing I did was paint the stripes...Using Painters tape to keep them strait...
Then I rummaged threw all my craft supplies, just to discover...I didn't have any star shaped stamps or stencils...nothing!
Can you believe that??

 I even called a "crafty" girl friend and she too...came up with nothing...(Not very patriotic of either of us)!  So I headed off to Walmart so see what they had (making my 15 year old drive...Can't believe she's already in Drivers Ed).  Anyway they did have stencils and after a good sanding...the rest is history...American History...Ha Ha....

That's it for now...I hope your 4th is a BLAST!!


I will be linking to may of the parties on my side bar.

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  1. It is never too late for Americana - it is probably my best seller in my booth all year long. I love this stool!

    1. Thanks Donna! That's good to know!. :)

  2. Now this is just plain clever. I love it and I havn't played croquet in years. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty



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