Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On an Autumn Day in Poulsbo

I don't often post family pictures....But the other day was such I perfect day, I just HAD to share.  :)

My niece and her sweet little family came over to "help" us rake leaves.

We had a delightful time!!

Do you remember how much fun a dry pile of leaves were??

Gavin and Cash do!!!

We couldn't keep Cash out...He kept hiding his rocks in it....Goofy dog!  :)

Caylee wasn't convinced the leaves were that much fun but her brother sure enjoyed them.

One T got out the leaf blower....

And of course Gavin HAD to give it a try!!

We put goggles on to protect Gavin's eyes while he was getting "blown".

Cash didn't mind...He had his rock....

Cassy and Caylee stayed out of the way...Smart move!!

Doesn't Angle blends in nicely with the leaves?

Thanks for letting me share.
I hope your enjoying your fall too!



  1. Nice pics! It is good to "see" what you are up to, even if it is just on line.

  2. Such a delightful fall fun post. I did love to jump in leaf piles. I still love the crunch and crackle as I shuffle through them.

    1. I love everything about fall and it's so much fun to share it with little ones again!!!

  3. Oh my, I don't know who's the cutest; the kids or the dogs. Fall leaves are so much fun! My youngest son pulled his tramp out of the ground and filled the hole with leaves. He, his wife, and two boys, along with my youngest daughter played in them for hours. He posted an awesome pic of him in mid air diving into it. Oh to be young again. lol! Thanks for sharing your cute pictures with SYC.



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