Thursday, October 23, 2014

Re-Purposed Globe

I have been wanting to share this since last year but because I put a skeleton and a pumpkin in my cute worldly bowl...I felt like I need to wait till closer to Halloween....Note to self don't make things seasonal if they're not.  :)

Anyway, it was a fun fairly simple project.  I after cutting the globe in half (okay after having my husband cut the globe in half) I painted the inside blue with acrylic paint...The globe is cardboard so it took several coats to get an even coverage.

For the bowl I used my hot glue gun and glued a crystal candle stick to the bottom...brilliant...nope!!!
When I picked up the bowl the first layer of the globe just ripped off and the two pieces came I re-glued but the same thing kept happening....Not a sell-able item.  :(
If I was to try it again I would use a wooden candle stick and screw the two pieces together...The crystal was just to heavy for the paper on the globe.

To make the lamp shade I again used my hot glue gun to glue the ribbon of beads around the bottom of the shade...This time there was no problem.  
I picked up the lamp at G.W. ...the colors were perfect so I didn't even have to paint it...SCORE!!
The screw went threw the hole on the top of the globe and the finial on top of that...So Simple!

Well I guess you could say I've gone global.  :)

Yet again, I will be linking up to the parties on my side bar.


  1. I love a two-fer! Bowl and a shade. Sorry about the mishap with the pedestal part. Some globes are sturdier than others.

    1. Well live and learn but if you don't give things a try you never know. :)
      thanks for visiting! Denise

  2. I love the idea- so clever! Perfect teenager room feature :)
    Love the skeleton as well ;)


  3. You're being featured at today's Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday link party! :) Can't believe you waited a whole year for that.... sounds like something I would do!



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