Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project 64, Week 12: Tickle Me Pink

Spring is slowly arriving on my little farm and this weeks color for Projects 64...Tickle Me Pink was such a pleasure to look for!!   I headed strait out to my garden....which always makes me fact you could say I was "tickled" to do so!!  :)
Anyway I found a Plethora of Pink....

Pink Primroses
This shot of my Primroses is my favorite...I love the little white edging around each petal....Of course I edited it (along with the rest of my photos) on Picnik ...I am so happy I found that web's easy to use and has made a huge difference in my photos!!!  I give it 3 happy faces!!  ;) :) :-)

 Here is and example of what one can do...pretty good...huh..OK for all you pros this is probably no big deal...but to me (with my very old camera) it's simply AMAZING!

 Of course so is my Flowering Current...The hummingbirds (or as we like to call them the hummers) just LOVE this plant!!

Another close up of my Current

Here is a picture of my Daphne...It's not a fabulous looking plant...but the flowers are Oh So Fragrant... I have one planted by my front door.

Join the fun and see what others have posted!!

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  1. What gorgeous photos! love this flower shot too...gorgeous entry! I can't wait to see flowers outside my door!

  2. YOu have some lovely shots here! I love picnik a great tool! Thanks for linking up with project64



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