Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Shelf

For Mothers Day my family helped me build this darling little garden shelf...best of all it didn't cost a thing!!!  But I think I should start at the beginning....

This winter during a wind storm the arbor finally just let go and fell...It's not like it was a big surprise...My husband wanted to tear it down last summer...but I couldn't bear too...not with the garden in full bloom!!  Plus...I guess ..I wanted it to hold up just one more year.  :(  This winter was not going to let that happen!!

Sooo...One snowy day we tore it down...somehow it seemed easier in the dead of winter, while the yard was still dreary and gray.  We cut the wisteria and the trumpet vine...with no money to replace it, they need to go too!  :(

With out the arbor the side of my house looked VERY plain....And I need a cheap way to jazz it up fast!!  So I took inventory and gathered up some odds and ends that we had laying around the farm and got started...
There needed to be a focal point between the two windows so I drug an old water trough out of the pasture...it's bottom was rusted so it no longer held water....the perfect planter!!!  I leaned a piece of the arbor behind it for a climbing annual or two to grow on...

It was now time to make the shelf....I found a nice thick piece of wood but wasn't sure how to attach it....That's when Bryan came up with the idea to use two old garden forks...He drilled them in two places...The first to attach to the board and the second hole to screw into the siding......

I added an roll of  barb wire, the antler and a gourd form last years garden...the green pot was a garage sale find for .25 and the succulent I cut of off an existing plant....oh yes... the boys gave me the geranium for mothers day.  :) 

Well the new gardens not finished yet but I think I'm off to a good start...More to come!!
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  1. Lovely mother's day project!

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  3. What a fun project, and it looks great!!!!

    Popping over to follow you from Handmade Wednesday and congratulate you on being this week's (5/25) co-host!! I'll email you shortly with information on how to link-up!!



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