Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whats Happenin on the Farm...

Well...Autumn and Madison have deiced to go into an egg sell'in two weeks ago they bought 5 new baby chicks (Yes, Autumn...I realize baby chicks is too "wordy"...every one know that chicks are baby's ..but I like the way it sounds)!
Anyhow, between really crummy weather and Autumns playing 3 sports...we haven't had much chance to take them out,  But.....

It was a sports free weekend and the weather was good so the little gals finally went on a "field trip" to the garden... I was happily weeding...they were happily scratching....and Angel was happily watching....a little too closely!!

She has a hard time leaving baby chicks alone...there is something about those soft fluffy mouth fulls that are just to hard to resist!!   Not to worry though...we watch her closely...

and once she's use to them...and they're grown up.....she'll  guard them from the dangers on farm just like the rest of the flock!
Good Dog Angel!!

What's happ'in in your neck of the woods?

Unknown Mami

Don't forget...I love comments...It's just nice to know who's stopped by!  :)


  1. What a cute dog! I love baby chicks, they are so cute!


  2. What's not to love about a puppy AND chicks!?

  3. Love those sweet pictures, especially the last one.
    Happy Sunday.

  4. Here from Sunday's..........gorgeous. Love the baby chicks and I totally want a chicken so I can have fresh eggs.

  5. I hope those chicks grow up and become proud hens and roosters. that dog. I grew up near my grandparent's farm. Dogs sometimes can't help themselves.

  6. Cute photos. I'd keep an eye on the dog, too. Seems from the photos that she's being pretty good, though.

  7. I like that you wrote "baby chicks". So sweet to see the chicks and doggie together.



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