Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Off My Needles...My New Favorite Hat!!

I finished this hat last week...Just in time too...They are forecasting snow this weekend.  :) 
Anyway I was planning on sharing it with all of you....cause...quite frankly I think its a GREAT HAT!!  I took pictures and everything!!.... but still hadn't got it posted and then....

This morning I discover Tea Rose Home was having "Link Party".  It was the push I need...
So here it is my new favorite hat....

I LOVE the bill and the fact, that on bad hair days you can just stuff all your hair inside!

It was a quick easy knit, out of one of my favorite knitting books....OK I did start it last Softball season...and yes I did JUST finish but that doesn't mean it wasn't fast or easy....sometimes I just get sidetracked!!  Don't you?

The important thing to know is that I love it so much I am planning on making another....but what color?....

OPPS......Back to the details....The pattern came out of "Stitch 'N bitch Nation" and was written byShannita Williams-Alleyne.  I used Alpine Wool Yarn by Lions Brand, that I purchased at Joann's on sale so it was pretty inexpensive to make.

Check out the other great project...This is a fun link!!


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