Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 64 "Out of the Box" Week #4 Robin Egg Blue

Here it is my entry for Project 64 week #4....ROBIN EGG BLUE...(and I'm getting it in in time..ok maybe it the last day but I stll did it...on time)!!  I searched all over for this color...there are a lot of blues out there but not a lot of "Robin Egg Blue"...I was wishing it was early summer because we always find tiny little shells from the robins nest and of course they are the perfect color....but with no chance of that......I searched.......found the color in one of my scarfs...but the photo wasn't to interesting....

And then I glanced over at my window where - low and behold on a clay bird house I made years ago... was just the color I was looking for....

This was one of my first clay projects...we had to make a coil pot in a Parks and Recs class I was taking and I decide to turn mine into a bird house...)I use it for a book end on my widow sill).

I now teach for Parks and Rec...It's funny how things go full circle!
Anyway come join the fun...This really is a great project!!

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  1. Oh my...I have a pot that is very similar I made in a Park 'n rec project. The first one I made and one of the only ones I kept. lol
    I am holding out to take a photo of it for blue/green. lol



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