Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 64: Week 11 - Scarlet

This picture was actually taken last fall...but it was too perfect for this weeks prompt from Project 64...Scarlet (Not to mention I have been to busy at work to get out much). 

Mr. Tree Frog wasn't hard to spot......He was  just sitting there on my Peony plant with his lovely green skin showing up as a shinny contrast against the bright red color of the leaves.

I took several pictures of him before he decided to hop off....The one on the left I edited with  picnik using  HDR-ish on the effects page.....I think this just might be my new favorite tool!

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  1. That little guy/gal is very cute and how nice to pose on the leaf for you! I really like to color and lines of the main photo.

  2. Oh such a pretty photo. I love that little green froggie.
    Great capture of scarlet.



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