Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday at the Horse Show

 It was a cold and windy Sunday in February that we bundled up and headed off  to see my niece in one of the first horse shows of the season, at Sandamare Farms here in Poulsbo.

  The wind chill probably brought the temp down to about zero..... but Charlotte's smile and enthusiasm kept us warm!!!

 No kiddin - whenever shes on that horse she has the biggest smile on her face...and it doesn't seem to matter if she's in the winners circle or having an off day...both her and Gracie just seem happy to be together!!  (Every girl should have a horse...hmmm...don't tell my daughter I said that!)  :)

Even her Grammie and Great Aunt Char braved the weather to support their favorite rider...Her mom runs the snack shack...a.k.a. the "Feed Trough"...I'm bettin they sold a lot of hot chocolate that day!!

She won one 1st, two 2nds and a couple others but this is the only ribbon I got a picture of.....She sits the saddle so well...I wish I could of got better pictures of her actual riding!!  But.....

The  riding arena was REALLY HARD to take pictures in ...It is dark... but then you have these huge doors openings and large windows that put a lot of light all in the wrong place...I took a ton of pictures of her jumping but none of them turned out.  :(

Anyway that's Sunday in my City...
whats yours?

Unknown Mami

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  1. Congratulations to Charlotte on her wonderful success. I've sat through many a horse show but NEVER on that was that cold. You are good!
    Happy SIMC and stay warm. jj

  2. I had that lighting issue with my Sunday photos this week. A tiny church with only light from the windows and door. Horrible photographing conditions.

  3. Hot chocolate and horses...sounds like a good day.

  4. Despite the cold, it sounds like a fantastic day.
    Congratulations Charlotte and Gracie.

  5. I LOVE everything about that top photo! Wow! I hope it is framed and on the wall somewhere.

  6. ...Actually, would you mind my trying to draw and/or paint that top photo?

  7. What an honor Margaret...Of course you can use it! :)



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