Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project 64: Week #9...White

Here's my entry for Project 64 Week # 9, color white.....These are my all time favorite Cowboy boots...I bought them years ago when I worked at Nordstroms (about 19 or 20 years ago)...Hey does that make them vintage??

Anyway they are way cool and they weren't cheep....but my hubby had gone hunting for the week so I figured if I had to stay home and work I deserved them (This was long before kids).  That's why I call them my "hunting boots". ; )  I have resoled them twice and just yesterday I noticed that some stitching had come loose. :(

After reminiscing about my favorite boots.... I just had to take a shot of them with two other pair of boots that are very dear to me...The large ones were my Dads....I will always remember him wearing cowboy boots...after all he was a true cowboy...and the reason I have such a great love of the outdoors and all the tame and wild critters in it!!  The little pair were my sons...he wore them everywhere along with his "cowboy" vest and 10 gallon hat...Dang he was cute!!...I thought he would be a bull rider...but instead he drives race cars...close enough!  :)  You can check out his blog at: Garret 3G Racing

Well thats it for now but do come join the fun!!

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Don't forget...I LOVE COMENTS...they make me happy!!


  1. Love those boots.
    My girls had pink ones...I did not save them though...Although, I do have a photo of them wearing them...I am pretty sure. lol
    Awesome capture of white for P64

  2. I love this. One of my early photos I took at the beginning of my blogging was of my young daughter's cowboy boots. She wore them out and wore them with everything - from swimming suite to skirt.

  3. Awesome photo! I'm from a long line of real cowboys too, but isn't it funny? I can't stand to wear cowboy boots! And my littlest sister is now competing in dressage and jumping for her university. Oh - the ancestors must be rolling in those graves!!!



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