Saturday, March 5, 2011

Project 64: Week #8, Lavender

Whew...I barley made it in time to link up to Project 64 color of the week.... Lavender.....Lucky for me this color is everywhere in my garden...I found it in my Heather, which is one of the very few plant that bloom in my garden this time of year....The cool thing is.... they bloom for about 6 weeks!!!  :)

Yes that's snow behind the blooms!

Several years ago we painted the doors and shutters of the Play House a bright shade of lavender and ever sense I keep adding it to my garden. 

Autumn made me this bird house for Mothers day when she was in the 4th grade...The swallows and chickadees fight over it every year. 

I can't remember how I broke this flower pot but it was to pretty to throw out so I "layed it to rest" in the garden with plants (hens and chicks) spilling from it.

More lovely Heather blooming in the last (I think) snow of the winter.

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  1. Very pretty lavender finds! thanks for linking up with project 64



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