Monday, January 31, 2011

A very busy week!

Wow...Last week was wild...ok maybe not really wild but VERY BUSY!!! I started a new job..It's seasonal work at a friends nursery and I love it!!! At the same time my "Knitting Support" class that I teach for Parks and Rec. began it's winter session and it was the second week of the kids art class I teach for the little guys....On top of that I had to run to Children's Hospital on Saturday to pick up more Diabetes supplies for Autumn....Did I mention I now head up the Nursery at my church?
So why am I telling you all of might ask????
Because I never got a chance to hook up to Project 64 color "Chestnut" for last week and I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!
So I decide to go ahead and post my picture even though it's to late to link up.

This was my Dads suitcase and I love the warm "Chestnut Brown" color!!


The best part is that it still has his name and handwriting on the tags....He passed away 2 years ago and I still miss him each and every day! ! :(

LOVE YA DAD!!! This week color is "Robin Egg Blue...Hopefully I"ll get this color up in time....Why don't you join me....It's way fun!!!

project64 button

Friday, January 21, 2011

Joining Project 64: Carnation Pink

Hi everyone, I've been looking for inspiration to get back into blogging and just didn't know where or how to start...Then I came across Project 64 ...I could hardly wait to get going!!! This is such a cool idea...once a week they pull a crayon out of a box of 64 and that is the color you use in your picture for that week.....
This week was Carnation Pink:

Of course you then link up and look at all the wonderful and inspiring pictures..... thanks for looking!


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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!