Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to Customize Converse

I've been loving the Converse tennis shoes I keep seeing on Etsy...the ones with the fabric tongues...but they're out of my price range 

So I decided to do it myself (what a surprise).  :)

I picked up several fat quarters at the fabric store near work and then went on a quest to find cheap Converse.  Guess what there is no such thing...even T J Max wants $30.00 for a pair.  

Ahhh...but Target had these for just $19.99...a price I can live with.  :)
I had planned on making more than one pair so course I didn't take any pictures of the process but it's pretty simple and I think I can walk you through.

The first thing I did was cut the fabric in a rectangle a bit bigger than the tongue.  I also had to cut some stitching by the toe of the shoe for the fabric to fit tight to the rubber.  I then pinned the fabric on, wrapping it around to the back side of the tongue.   Easy enough!

Next step is to had stitch it with a nice sturdy needle.  

After the stitching was done I cut the excess fabric on the back side and then glued it down with E-600 (my all time favorite glue).

Lastly I re-stitched what I had to cut to fit fabric next to the toe.

That's all there is to it....pretty Tweet huh?

As usual I will be linking up tp many of the parties on my side bar...Do check them out!

PS:  I just took them out of the wash and they held up great!!!


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