Saturday, January 28, 2012

Painting with Kids: Tree of Hearts

Here's a fun little Valentines project I did with the kids in my after school art class
(grades K-5)....

(Autumn helped me paint and plan this simple lesson)...

The first thing we did is paint the trunk...talking about how it is larger at the bottom or base and then gets smaller as it goes up.  I know this sounds basic but it isn't for them...even after the directions a couple of the younger kids still drew a very thick trunk with branches growing out the top.  

We also discussed how the branches grow in the same way...larger at the base where they are attached to the tree getting skinnier as they grow towards the sky.

Autumn painted most of her branches in before she add the hearts....

I painted my trunk and just a couple of the main branches and then started in on the hearts... adding the smaller branches later.

 For class we decide the best way to go, was to have the kids paint the trunk, large branches along with most of their smaller ones before they added the hearts.

I always give the kids a scrape piece of paper to blend colors on and I had them use it to practice painting hearts, getting my approval before they got to add any to their tree....This gave me the opportunity to work with the kids who were struggling.

Here are some AWESOME results.  :)

I love this picture (above) it is the perfect example of what I try to teach the kids, that when you think you made a mistake...Turn it into something great!  :)  Which is just what this student did!!....
Water color accidentally got splashed on her painting so she covered it up by adding more dots...brilliant!!!

Here are more trees...

each one as unique

and lovely...

as the child...

that painted it!!!

Well have a great week and
take some time to  volunteer at your school...
you will truly be amazed !!!


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Thursday, January 19, 2012

On a Snowy Winters Day...

Well the storm finally hit...they had been promising it for a couple days now,but it seemed like it was snowing all around us...just missing the "Hood Canal Area".  :)

But then...On Wednesday we finally got the snow!!  :)
School was canceled...Yeah!! And we stayed home and played!!

My kids do have a snowboard but that would be to ordinary....

Ok..not as much hang time as he is use to but he did get air

Garret had to use an old skateboard that he had taken the wheels off of.....

His sister surfed (???)  down the hill on an old wake board...

Angel enjoyed the fun too...although she ended up with huge snow balls stuck to her fur. 

We went for a walk and enjoyed natures beauty...

Then we went for a drive...Because we could.  :0
Don't you love our old jeep?

For a couple of hours we even had freezing rain....

which left a sheet of ice on top of the snow...Interesting!!

We enjoyed all the birds at the feeder....

When the family came in to warm up...Autumn sewed and...

I worked on Haley's Hat...  :)

All in was a darn good day!!!
Stay warm!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

I first saw this done at brown paper packages and thought "What a Brilliant Idea"!! 

It seems that everyone in my house hold has something to express...Not to mention, I had two picture frames  (I purchased this summer for under $5.00) that were just waiting to be updated!!

So I got to work....

I first tore them apart, being careful not to loss any of the tiny little screws (they all went in a glass).

I then sanded the finish....just enough to ruff it up, so that the  paint would stick.. 

Both frames were kind of beat up, but I decided that added to the charm....So I choose not to fill any of the marks!  I painted them with  KRYLON'S Dual Paint Primer in a wonderful "Cherry Red". 

I then cleaned the glass and sprayed two coats of KRYLON's indoor/outdoor gloss in Ivory on ONE side of the glass.  (When putting the glass back in the frame make sure the painted side is on the you write on the glass not the paint)!!!
Here are the results....

Pretty nice if I may say so myself!!!  :)
(The other one is off to my church for the preschool)

So this is what's on it right now...the news keep promising us

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And as always...
Thanks so much for visiting!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Vintage Coats

You probably don't know this about me (unless of course you live in my home town...and go to my church) but I have quite a fetish for vintage coats !!

It started many years ago when I added this lovey to my wardrobe:

I was working at Nordstroms at the time and was out rummaging through thrift shops with a friend of mine when I found it. (Yes, even when I was at "Nordies", and before shopping at Good Will was trendy, it was one my favorite haunts.) I instantly feel in love with the big wide collar....the way it lay on my shoulders...and then I saw the label...

It was sewn in upside down....but never the less, it said Best Apparel...The company that Nordstroms purchased when it started venturing into the apparel market...I had to have it!

I loved the way I felt when I wore it....Glamorous, artsy and a little quirky all at the same time...It said Denise!  :)

Since the I have added a few more to my wardrobe....

This is my most recent purchase...I found it at the GW for just under $10.00...
I was giddy for a week!!  You can't beat the price...Yes, the pockets are ripped and there are a few moth holes but the color green is awesome and you could probably sell the way cool buttons for $10 each.  I believe the fur is mink.

This lovely teal coat was also a GW find, priced at only $7.00.   The lining is in good shape and my boys say the collar is probably raccoon.
It has 3/4 length sleeves and big purple buttons!

Here is a close up of the buttons...Don't you just love the texture!?!

  My girl friend purchased this coat from a thrift shop, in Kingston, but decided she didn't like the fit, so she past it onto  me...The rabbit fur collar is so soft...Thanks Paula!!!  :)

Ok, here's one I know nothing about...the lining is totally shredded but I loved the texture of the fabric and again the price was right so I bought...I think my kids hate this one most of all.  :)  But to be honest they don't care for any of them....Oh well these coats, kind-of grow on you...or not!

I also have a "big E" Levi jacket that was my dads but that's another post!

Have a great week and thanks for visiting!
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