Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kids Art: Autumn Leaves with Watercolors and Glue

Well I guess it's official Autumn is finally here!!  It blew in on Sunday with a typical Northwest was marvelous!!  I sat in my cozy chair, had my morning cup of joe and watched it blow...I guess it's time to get out my knitting!!

My after school art classes started back up this week too, so I thought I'd share an easy  very successful  fall art project.

This is a two day project;
The first day I had the kids draw leaves on their paper with pencil.

Then they went over them with black glue.
(I just added black acrylic paint to Elmer's glue...mixed it up good with the end of a small paint brush and ta-da black glue)

It could take over a day for the glue to dry, depending on how much they put on.

I then have them paint the background in cool colors and the leaves in warm colors....

The idea is that the glue keeps the watercolors in the lines....

And it works pretty good too!!

Aren't they lovely?

That's it for today, but if your looking for more art projects...Type in Kids Art on my search box and it should pull up some more ideas for you to try.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Drexel Side Table in Milk Paint

Wow I've been out of sorts lately...I'm not sure if it's the chaos of school starting or the fact that I got a bug and have felt like crap for a week now...maybe it's just the end of summer but I haven't felt like blogging...I go to the computer but only have the energy to scroll threw Pinterest...

I have manged to get a bunch of projects done...I've been making jewelry, bags and painting furniture for the Valley Vintage Market coming up in just 10 days and I'm a bit nervous or maybe it's neurotic but I'm scared to death I wont have enough done...I have this vision of what I want it to look like but I'm running out of time.  :(

Anyway this Lovely will be there....
She's by Drexel and is definitely a quality piece of furniture!!

Here's what she looked like when I found her....Her finish was beat up, but other than that she's a solid piece of furniture!
The first thing I did was sand the top...I've been wanting to do a two tone piece for a long time!
I painted the body with Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint (This is the first I've used it) and am very happy with the results!!!

After doing some distressing I applied a coat of wax...I use a blend of two waxes to get the color and the finish I want...

Isn't the detailing fantastic?

I painted the drawer pull in flat black to finish the look.

So what do you think??  I don't want to let it go....but I must!!
See you at the Market.  :)
I will be linking up to many of parties on my side bar.


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