Friday, May 24, 2013

French Bench

Here's a little cutie that I just finished and droped off at my space tonight...Isn't she darling?  I don't usually brag about my things but I just love this piece!  :)

Here's her before pic...not bad but she didn't sell and I had originally planed on painting her anyway....I just put her in the shop until I had the time.

 I painted her with several coats of homemade chalk paint and then added these wonderful images from; The Graphic Fairy.  You can find an easy tutorial on how to do this here.

The fabric is burlap from Jo-Ann's...That I purchased with a 40% off coupon...Of course!
(I also plan on using the fabric, to make a matching bulletin board, out of a vintage frame)

I know that you will probably never see the back but doesn't the vintage postage stamp look great?

And I must say it is so nice to be able to take pictures in my garden again...Yea Spring!!

The Graphics Fairy

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Altered Cilpboards

I have been having SO MUCH FUN making these "Altered Clipboards"...That I just had to share them with you!  :)

The first thing I do is pick out the paper I want to use...then I paint the clipboard with a complementary color.
I adhere the paper using Mod Podge one layer at a time....
Stamping along the way.

Isn't this the cutest picture?  It's of my Aunt and my Dad...I also use it for my tags down at the shop.  :)

The "Bee Happy" was typed on my old electric typewriter. ...I just LOVE it's font!!

One of my favorite parts is deciding on what to cover the clip part of the board...for this one I made a green flower out of ribbon.

These were the first two I did.

I think this is an old shoe buckle....I ran the ribbon through it... 

and then tied it in a bow. 

For this; I made the flower out of an old t and then glued a vintage button in the middle.

I have a jar of broken old jewelry I purchased at a garage sale, which is where I get most of my "bling" from...This was once a clip on earring.

I have more started that I'll share later...
Have a great day!


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Monday, May 13, 2013

French Chicken Stool Makeover

We're off to OSU for the last Volleyball tournament for the season...Wish us luck!!

Before I leave, I wanted to get one more quick post in so here it is...

This stool I painted last month so it's already come and gone from my shop.

It was painted white but done very poorly so I re-painted it and added  two different graphics form The Graphic fairy... LOVE that Blog!!!

I used the Mod Podge method (you can find it here) to transfer the print onto the stool.

While they top was drying I deiced to add some black checks...Just for fun.

I then added a touch of black to legs, to even things out...
Sanded a bit, to give it that shabby look ...
Put a top coat on for protection and...


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Monday, May 6, 2013

Thrifty Finds

I went out "Garage Selling" on Friday and just had to share my AWESOME FINDS....Sigh
To be honest it didn't start out that well.  The first place I hit was already picked over and it had some great vintage things...I was there right at 8:00 but I guess I should have showed up early.  (I have a hard time doing that...If they say 8 I don't mind being a little early but it doesn't seem polite to be too early).

Anyway the third place I hit opened at 9:00 and I just happened to drive by as they were putting the sign up...It was a long dirt drive and no one would have found it with out signage.....
Being the first makes all the difference!

Look at all my goodies...

And to be honest this isn't all of it.  I forgot to put the decoys and the  books in my first photo....
I didn't take an individual  picture of it...but look at the wire shopping basket.  I'm to going to line it with fabric....Can't wait!!!

I got two typewriters the blue one is my favorite!!  I LOVE the Mid Century Modern shape!!! And it's in great condition...Do I have to sell it?

This baby's a bit older.....It's gray with green keys and has a cool leather covered case.

Check out this way cool, green Train Case (I have such a thing for vintage suitcases)!  Anyway it's in awesome condition...I just had to glue the lining in a couple spots but other than that it is down right perfect!!!  Again I want to keep it!  :)

Do you know what those green things are we found in it?  Neither did I, but the family had a great time guessing!  In the end Garret and Drew were the ones who figured it out ...They're shoe stretchers....

I also got two TV Trays with stand.  :)

Found these knives in a basket of silverware I purchased...

And here's one of the Decoys.  I come from a long family of duck hunters,,,My dad would have loved these!!  They came in a burlap grain sack that I will use elsewhere.

Well...How about you any great find lately?  I would love to here about them!!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spray Paint Lovin

Thought I'd share a few quick and easy projects I just finished up.
I got these two lovely's at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago...

My plan was to paint them both white (although my whole family thought I should refinish the bookends... leaving the wood finish).
But I had my own vision (not to mention I know what sells).

The only problem was....In the end I didn't like the white

I repainted them blue....Now this I like!!!  :)

Here's the frame painted white.  I added little paper pendants just for fun.

This wire vase I got at the GW .  It looked tired and dated black...

and so cheery and springy white...

(Don't you just love the little Hob Nob  bud vase...I hated to sell it).  :(

Thanks for stopping by!!

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