Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Suitcase Display Table

Hi There...Here's a  little Table I made to use as a display at my vintage shows...
Of course I put a price tag on it too...I believe in selling everything...Well almost!

What do you think??

I got a plant stand at an estate sale with the sole purpose of using it to make a suitcase table.  The top of it was too small to hold much of anything anyway.

The original plan was to screw the suitcase on top but it would have ruined the inside lining...
So we decided to glue it on instead...Thus far it's held just fine...but I am careful not to pick it up by the suitcase..instead I grab the stand (that way I don't pull the case off).

I wasn't loving the color of the suitcase but I still kind-of hated to paint the whole thing...I like to leave a glimpse of what things were in the past...does that make sense?
I decoupaged the top with scrapbook paper...

 And stamped the sides....
Trying to give it a travel theme...
After all it is a suitcase!  :)

Here it is full of my fingerless gloves.

Another shot with burlap items...and at the show....

It did it's job very nicely...
Both the pumpkins and the gloves sold out.  :)
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sewing Table

Hello friends...I've got so many projects to share with you, I wasn't sure where to start.  I was a vender at Valley Vintage Market two months in a row ...This kept me working hard to finish things...It also meant I didn't pay much attention to my Blog...So sorry about that!  :)

This was one of my favorite pieces (and my photos turned out good....which doesn't always happen)...
So I thought I'd start with it.

I got this lovely from a friend this summer...stripped and ready to go...How easy is that??
I can't believe it took me so long to get around to painting it...
I guess I wanted it to be perfect and it took a while to figure out what I was going to do.....

I was very happy with my Side Table that was both stained and painted  and wanted to do something similar with this piece....

So I stained the top and the front Walnut..(because that's what I had on hand) and then painted the sides with homemade chalk paint in my usual Martha Stewart white (Glass of Milk).

I think I was influenced with the beautiful autumn colors....because I choose this wonderful yellow for the it looked great in my living room ...just in case it didn't sell.  :)

I choose a drawer pull from World Market for the center drawer...

and a basic  bronze for the others.

Didn't she turn out lovely?  
And she was a perfect fit in my living room...but she sold on Saturday, so I had to say good-bye.

That's okay...I have a vintage secretary I'm working on that would fit in the same spot...just until it sells of course!  :)
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more furniture makeovers!!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Cottage Side Table

Just finished this cutie on Friday and I must say..."I am very pleased with it"!!
It was in great shape when I got it...Forgot to take before a before picture but it was painted white and...

Just need a little "freshing -up"...
So I grabbed my favorite Martha Stewart White...
Added some plaster of Paris to make chalk paint...
And painted the outside.

The drawer and the inside got a couple coats of rainwater ( I think that's a M.S. color too.... I get it at Home Depot).  I lightly distressed it and the gave it a clear coat of wax.

The drawer pull had a 70's look and I wasn't in love with anything I had at home so I decided to make my own...What do you think??  I really like it!!

I twisted two strands of twine...ran it threw washers and then threw the drawer and tied a knot on the back side.  I used crazy glue to glue the washers to the drawer...Just to keep them where they belonged.

I will be selling it at Valley Vintage Market this weekend on Central Valley Road here in Poulsbo...Come say hello!!

And as usual I will be linking up to Parties on my sidebar...check them out too!!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Finds

Yesterday was a good day for picking!....Look at all these treasures...
I'm even not sure what I'm most excited about.
Let's start with the two child size chairs...I plan on painting them to match my chalkboard coffee table...they tuck perfectly under it.  :)  The only problem I see is; that they are sporting that awful shellac (at least I think that's what it is) that loves to bleed threw, I think I'll paint them with a coat of stain blocker first.

Isn't the red step stool darling?  I just need to clean it up and it's ready to go.

I also picked up some more domino's for jewelry.  Plus a Domino tray to display them in...(I've already painted it white).

As you know I'n a sucker for anything 50s and this kitchen step chair is just peachy!!!
Not to mention in great condition!!!

The metal file cabinet has has the most wonderful patine...I plan on leaving it as is and just give it a good cleaning.  What do you think...Will the red sell?

And how about this floor (get it) or what???

Oh, I almost forgot one of my bestest finds...That blue cart in the back..
I'm thinkin Coffee Station.  Funky Junk just did a feature on Creative Coffee Stations that totally inspired can find it here.

That's it for today...Have you found anything marvelous lately??


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Valley Vintage Market

Here they are...The pictures of my booth at Valley Vintage Market.  With windows in the back of the spaces it made it hard for me to get great pictures but heck at least I took some.  :) least I took some of MY space...I have know idea why I didn't take any of the others....
I guess I was just to darn excited!!  This was my first time at a vintage market.
It was so much fun and I met some wonderful people!

Anyway ...What do you think of my gray dresser?  I used Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint on it, but then added some rain water and grey over that. I used a chip brush and just kind of crisis crossed the paint as I went.  

I heavily distressed it and then added the numbers from The Graphics Fairy using the Mod Podge transfer method...You can find my tutorial here.

I had a little bit of everything there...I will give you more detailed tutorials for some of things later this month.

I sold this lovey vintage typewriter to the nicest people on the first day...(I'm always the saddest to see my typewriters go...but I know this one went to a good home)!

The cutest young couple wanted my burlap lampshade so bad, that I told them if the came back late Saturday and the lamp hadn't sold yet I would just sell them the shade...
Time to make a new shade!  :)

My jewelry went well too....Which is a good thing, because I really do enjoy making them!!!
My spoon and hardware jewelry were displayed on my dress form...
(She may not be the most glamours thing, but I got her free on the side of the road and she's become a true friend....The kind that is always willing to help out).

My domino pendants were displayed in a variety of ways.  :)

My Drexel side table was my first piece of furniture to sell...not a surprise...It was lovely!!
Did you notice the hat rack/jewelry holders on the back wall?  Bryan and I scored a whole bunch of faucet handles in a box at an estate sale...The oar or (hee-hee)  is it a paddle? I also turned into a hat rack...I wish there was a better way to display it...I think it got lost back there.

I will do a tutorial on my burlap bags and pumpkins later this week.

Well....I had a blast both getting ready for and doing the market!!
They do have a web site; Valley Vintage Market  so check it out!!
The next sale is October 18 and 19...I plan on being there.  :0
And as always
Thanks for visiting...I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side bar.



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