Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Garage Sale Find...Worth "Braggin" about!

Oh my Gosh...I hate to brag...(Ok it really is fun now and then)...but look what I got a Garage sale for...
Drum Roll Please!
Only $1:00
Ya...That's right I got this TOTALLY AWESOME CHAIR for ONE DOLLOR!!!  :):):)

I also got those four wooden (Couch) feet for $1:00.
I was planing in using them on another doggy bed...but wouldn't the make great pumpkins?
Hmmm....What to do - What to do?

How would you know it's me if there wasn't a chicken in at least one picture?

The metal plant stand was .25...I use them to add height in my garden and patio...
I slipped the one in the background as an example...It holds a concrete pot I made, planted with Basil.

He may be 17 but my kid is no different than yours...He thought the photo shoot would be better with him and a few critters in it...He was probably right!  :)

I added theses two pictures to show you the detail on the chair...I LOVE the acorn and the oak leaf on the arm!!

Ok...Here's the funny part...I paid $2:00 for the Frog Planter...They were asking $4:00...Go figure!?!

Well...Thanks for letting me Brag!!!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kids Art: Self Portraits

You may remember W-A-Y back in May...(when we were all looking forward to Summer vacation) :)...I shared with you a fun, easy and almost cheating way to do a portrait...That time I used our Chicken Pebbles as an example....This time you get to see how I use the technique with some young artists....

Aren't they cute!!

The first thing I do is take picture of them with my digital camera...I then edit it on Picnik (My favorite on line photo editing service)...I use the pencil sketch tool and make the lines as light as possible without losing to much detail....I then print it on Water Color paper.  (I have to cut the paper some so that it fits in my standard size machine). 

Here is an example after the portrait has been edited.

The next step is to have the children  trace the lines they want to show, using a black sharpie... (I like the ones with a super fine tip). After that they simply paint their portrait using water color paints....The ink from the printer does run (not the sharpie)... this shows up more with the lighter colors....We just consider that shadows. :)

I let the children choose their background color...but we do discuss it first, to make sure it complements the colors they have already used.

Notice the mustache she drew on herself...I love this kid!  She drew her Owl holding pistals..LOL...She cracked me up!!!

I also ask that they use more than one color in both their hair...(At least three) and their faces (usually two colors plus a "blush").

This is one of my favorite projects, not only because the results are fantastic but also because it teaches the kids to really look at a face or a picture and pull out the most important features....with that being said...sometimes...well almost always... I hear groans from someone part way through..." I hate my picture...Can I start over?"   Hmmm, the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no...all depending on if it can be saved or me, the most important part is that the child likes it!!

Anyway this truly is a fun and easy way to do a why don't you give it a try...Or better yet trot on down to your local school, volunteer to teach art and try it out on a whole "herd" of kids...You won't regret it!!!  :)
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Visit to Dragonfly Farm...One of my Favorite Plant Nurseries!

Last Friday I dropped Autumn off at Volleyball camp and headed out for an adventure with a couple of girl friends at Dragonfly Farms...Now why would I refer to a plant nursery as an adventure?
Well you soon will see...this nursery is full of wonderful surprises!!!
Like these two Bad .....!  :)

Aren't they great!?!?  Simply coffee pots turned upside down and welded to frying pans...I could do that!!!  (Bought a pot on my way home at a garage sale)  :)

The owner has wonderful gardens planted that are a pure joy to wander through....

These clay heads are made by an artist in Port Townsend.  And as for the wine bottle would be easy to make... not to mention, one could have a VERY GOOD TIME gathering all those bottles!!!!  Hmmmm

This bird bath inspired my son to make a similar one, out of old car parts for my parents for Christmas one year.

Ok...I know...Last year after my visit...I promised a tutorial on how to make these glass flowers.
Well, I think it is actually going to happen this fall...I have my girlfriends and our tools gathered ...we just have to pick a date...always the hardest part!

Don't ask me why, but I just adore old cement sinks...I have one by my pump house that has been just sitting there for years...I LOVE the way she built a stand for it!!  Let me say it again...I could do that!!  Hmmm but will I?

These two "Birds Nest" made out of wrenches and pliers are sooo creative... the nest is barb wire...who thinks of these things anyway???

I want one!
Of course there are plenty of wonderful plants there too...

Like these pink Echinacea...

And this tree I planted in my "Fairy Garden" a couple of years ago.

I adore it's blooms!

This year I bought some new succulents for the concrete pot I made...NICE!

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Love them both!!!
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Unknown Mami

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For the Love of Birds ....Hummingbirds!!

So many people seemed to enjoy my post about my new bird feeder...That this week I thought I'd share with you my "Hummingbird Garden".

It's hard to imagine how such a little bird can give one so much pleasure...but they do!!

I have learned that if I plant my pots with the right plants, my patio will be full of those happy little guys zipping through everything...Sometimes right between us while were eating dinner.

Of course by now you know my favorite time to enjoy them..... is with that morning cup of "Java" when the sun has just begun to flood the patio...Ahhh Heaven!!


So by now you are probably wondering what does she plant in those "Patio Pots"?

 Well.....My #1 chose is any variety of Salvia this plant seems to be... by far the favorite of my "Hummers"!
Salvia comes in colors from coral to pink to blue....My faves are always the blue variety's...but I do love the white and pink of "Hot Lips" and often plant that one in my garden beds too!
As for the Hummingbirds...They don't seem to care what color...They are always drawn to Salvia!

Ecremocarpus..."Chillean Glory Vine"

I have planted many different vines threw the years and the "Chilean Glory Vine" is equally loved by both the hummingbirds and myself...Even the seed pods are fantastic!!


Although I don't have it in pots I need to mention that Crocosmia is also a favorite...I have it planted carelessly in the garden under the fire pit, where I can see it from my kitchen window and by August it is a major attraction for the little birds!

Fushia and a summer annual

We (the Hummingbirds and I) also adore the Hardy Fuchsia...I have varieties planted throughout my garden and in my patio pots.

Hardy fushia "Auroa"

The one above has survived in my large pot for 4 or 5 years now...There's no longer room for any other plants although I did manage to squeeze a little Chilean vine in just for the interest..  :)

Orange Black Eyed Susan Vine,  Salvia

 I love the contrast of the bright orange pedals against the black centers of the Black Eyed Susan Vine...but I have yet to see a hummingbird visit it.   

The other thing I need to mention when planning a "Hummingbird Garden" is a place for them to perch....I have noticed that they like to have a spot where they can survey the area before swooping in to feed....They will also stop to rest there after enjoying a snack.  :)
They use to perch in neighboring bushes around the patio but when I put this Hummingbird sculpture in my large pot, they added it to a favorite stopping place...
The fact that it is a giant Hummingbird makes it all the better!!  :)
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