Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids Art: Clay "Gingerbread" Ornaments

I always do a clay project with my art class around this time of year and Clay "Gingerbread" Ornaments was the perfect choose.  For me it was easy and simple to do...For the kids it gave them several things to cut out and paint...they can never just stop at just one.  :)

So here's the project in a nut shell:

I gave each of them a ball of terracotta colored clay for them to roll out ...just like cookie dough...Simple!
I have learned through the years not to give to many chooses, so I gave them 7 cookie cutters to choose from....Each child got to make 4 ornaments.

After rolling out the clay to about a 1/4" thick they cut out their shapes using the cookie cutters.
We used a straw to make the holes for hanging.

I then took them home to fire...
We painted the following week...Again I did not give them a ton of color experience has been when I do that, they put every color on all the ornaments...kind of like a rainbow threw up on a piece of clay. :)

I fired the pieces for a second time and wha-laa...Lovely Christmas ornaments...
that their family's will cherish for years to come!!

Wouldn't a whole tree done in the snowflakes be beautiful?!?!

Well there it is a simple easy clay project...give it a try!  Most schools have access to a kiln and a desperate need for art volunteers!!.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Stocking Hanger / Holder

Here's a little project I just finished, that I am Sooo happy with!!
It was simple, cheap, and fun to do...
Win * Win* Win..  :)

We don't have a great place to hang stockings in our home so, I purchased a stocking holder/hanger similar to this years ago... OK, it had a no saying and a Santa on it...but the same hang the board and then hang your stocking on it...

(By the way these are a sampling of the stockings I sell on Etsy).  :)
Here's how I made the Stocking Hanger:
I started with a board from who knows where, that was laying around my house.  I stenciled BELIEVED and MAGIC first using cheap stencils I bought from Walmart.

I then added the "in the" and the reindeer and snowflakes.  The blue didn't show up the way I wanted on the flakes so I went around them with a sharpie.  I spray painted four wooden drawer pulls and the also stenciled them after the dried.

I drilled the srews threw the back of the sign and then screwed the drawer pulls on....

I thought I was going to have to run to the hardware store to get the thing-e-ma-bobs to hang it but then I remembered  seeing on pinterest a way to use the tabs off soda cans and being that I am a Diet Coke addict...there were plenty of tabs to be had!!!  :)

I went to my Helpful Hints Board and sure enough there was the pin!
I zipped on over to: apartment therapy followed her simple instructions and need for a trip to the store after all!  :)

I plan on making some more for my space down at Viking Village...just need to come up with some more boards!!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Framed Vintage Ornaments

 Here's a fun way to show off those vintage ornaments you've been collecting....
These I scored at a garage sale this summer...they were at a bottom of a box full of Christmas things

The frame I got for free from a friend...

It was gold and fairly beat-up...The beat up part I didn't mind...the gold had to go.  :)
So the first thing I did, was give it a light coat of spray paint... letting just a little bit of that gold show through.

I then added the pink dots using acrylic paint and the eraser end of a pencil.  I tied the bow and glued it to the top and then stared stringing the ornaments, using different colored ribbon.

The little pinwheels I made out of paper gluing a vintage button to the centers.

Don't you just love this blue one?

Anyway that's framed vintage ornaments...What do you think...How do you plan on displaying yous???  
I would love to know!!!
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Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Yellow Dresser

Here's my latest furniture transformation...
 I got this little gal at a garage sale, there was something about it, that was just asking for yellow....So yellow is what I did!

 I forgot to take a "before picture" of the whole thing, but here's a drawer before I started painting.

The handles were just a boring bronze color so I spray painted them with Krylons's Dual paint and primer in Pistachio...I think it looks great with the "Whisper Yellow" by BEHR!!

One of the drawer pulls was broken and I couldn't find a matching one so I purchased a totally different style...painted it to like the others and placed it on the top drawer.
I also added a little birdie ...
Just for fun....

So what do you think?
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Give Thanks and Celebrate Autumn

I promised to give you guys a peek at what's new in my space at Viking Village...Halloween is just about over... so I added this vintage frame reminding us to "Give Thanks".

It's priced a little higher than my others...basically because I had to pay more for it...
Hopefully someone else will see the same value in it that I did.  :)

Here's a very large chalkboard that I added a while ago...
I guess by now ya know how much I love chalkboards!!!

Just another look at my Autumn / Halloween mantel... that's forever changing.
I plan on putting Christmas and winter out this week (If I can find the time).
Yikes...If your a crafter you already know...
The Holidays are here!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post Cards from Paris Table...(The Real Post)

Yikes...I don"t know what I just did...I guess I hit publish, but I wasn't ready yet and then when I tried to deleted it...well...that didn't work either...DANG...anyway I apologies!!!

I'll make this post quick so my whole 98 followers don't give up on me...:) (LOVE YOU GUYS)

So this table started out as a rather plain jane table I got at a garage sale.  I painted the base a light grey...

And then sanded the top.
I got my inspiration for the top from Red Hen Home...Her Coffee Table is a must to check out... 

After sanding the top, I stained it with a light pecan stain that I had at home.  And then headed off to the Graphics Fairy to get me some.....well graphics...of course!
I printed up what I needed and traced them with carbon paper onto the table.
The Eiffel tower was the only one I didn't get from Graphics Fairy...hers were a little to complicated for ME...
I needed something more simple and easier to paint!!!

After painting the top I gave it a light sanding and then distressed the bottom...
Gave it a coat of finish and Vaa Laa ...It was done.

Well that's it in a nut shell...
Thanks for visiting!!!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whoo's That in my Field?

Well here promised; The photo's of the Barred Owl we spotted out in our field last week...
(and by the way this is the second post in one week...Maybe I am catching up ...but don't count on it)!!  :)

My camera isn't all that great and using the telephoto made my pictures blurry when I went to enlarge them...

Sooo... I deiced to edit them on PicMonkey.  I used the Halloween edits for the top one...
What do you think?

Isn't she (or he) lovely??

Just another reason I love living in the Pacific Northwest!!!
Have you seen any wildlife lately?
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Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Red CoffeeTable

I don't know about you but life sure gets w-a-y busy when the kids go back to school...
Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes it seems I don't have time to catch my breath.

On the upside the weather has been lovely and I have managed to get a few projects done...
Down time to post them.  :) apologies and I will try harder to get things posted!!

I'll start with my Little Red Coffee Table because...

It started out as this beat up brown table that I got at a garage sale.  I knew I wanted to paint it red but I had a tuff time finding the perfect color....Until I ran across "Barn" Red by Martha Stewart.
I know they show up way different on computers but this is really an AWESOME RED...
If red is what your looking for, do try a sample of this one!!

Anyway after painting it "Barn" red I placed some aspen leaves on it and traced around each one with a pencil.

I then painted them with (again the perfect fall color)..."Yam" also by Martha Stewart.
I used my acrylic craft paint to outline the leaves.

Last step was to wax the whole thing with BRIWAX in "Golden Oak"....It gave the table a nice rich patina!

So there it is a lovely little red coffee table...which by the way looks way to nice in my living room...but I bit the bullet and brought it down to Viking Village.  :(
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned.  Because...
This week I plan on finishing my "Post Cards from Paris" Table.  I will try to share that with you as soon as it's done!  Plus I have some great pictures of an Owl we saw in the field and maybe I will give you a peek at my little space... Just because I love it when people show me theirs...that sounds kind of weird!  :)  but you know what I mean!
Anyway I also plan on linking up to many of the link parties on my side bar...
If I can squeeze it in.  :)

Talk to you soon.


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