Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kids Art: Clay "Gingerbread" Ornaments

I always do a clay project with my art class around this time of year and Clay "Gingerbread" Ornaments was the perfect choose.  For me it was easy and simple to do...For the kids it gave them several things to cut out and paint...they can never just stop at just one.  :)

So here's the project in a nut shell:

I gave each of them a ball of terracotta colored clay for them to roll out ...just like cookie dough...Simple!
I have learned through the years not to give to many chooses, so I gave them 7 cookie cutters to choose from....Each child got to make 4 ornaments.

After rolling out the clay to about a 1/4" thick they cut out their shapes using the cookie cutters.
We used a straw to make the holes for hanging.

I then took them home to fire...
We painted the following week...Again I did not give them a ton of color experience has been when I do that, they put every color on all the ornaments...kind of like a rainbow threw up on a piece of clay. :)

I fired the pieces for a second time and wha-laa...Lovely Christmas ornaments...
that their family's will cherish for years to come!!

Wouldn't a whole tree done in the snowflakes be beautiful?!?!

Well there it is a simple easy clay project...give it a try!  Most schools have access to a kiln and a desperate need for art volunteers!!.
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