Monday, April 23, 2012

World Market Vases Made Over

Here's a quick little project that might just get ya thinking.  :)

The other day I was out looking for a B-Day present for a dear friend of mine and couldn't find the perfect gift...(Is there such a thing...I know there are perfect friends...Stephanie is a good example)...
Anyway I came across this little Vase set at World Market

No, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for....If  you must know it was kind of Plain Jane...
The wire was this dull gray and I kept thinking "if only it was white it would look so much fresher"!!!
Then a light bulb went off in my head (this doesn't happen often)...Why not spray paint it!!
I made my purchase and hurried home to get started....
I used my favorite Dual Paint plus Primer by Krylon in Ivory and gave it 2 light coats not minding if some of the gray showed through.

I still looked to plane for my taste so I added a green organza ribbon...weaving it through the wires and the securing it with a knot at one side....So far so good!!

Now for the jars...
I tied the same ribbon to the top of each jar, again just tying them in a knot.  To that I hot glued a pair of layered buttons on each one, choosing fun bright colors.

I was finally happy...I picked some flowers added Salted Camels...(YUMMM), a card and a pair of garden gloves...

And Happy Birthday!

(So next time you see a "Plain Jane" item stop and think what does it need and could I do it)?

Oh... I almost forgot I edited all my photos on PicMonkey this time and I LIKE IT!!

Thank You PicMonkey!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Autumn's Button Lampshade

Hi there friends...Sorry it's been so long since my last post...but sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging.  :)
Anyway I am finally back and have been dieing to share this little project my daughter Autumn did over Spring Break.
Apparently she saw it on Pinterest but because she doesn't EVER pin things (drives me nuts), I couldn't find the original source to give them credit.  :(

But this is how we...or I really should say she did it (I just provided the transportation and the money).
We started out with a trip to our local Good Will, to see what we could come up with and BINGO...We found the white wooden lamp for $3.99...Right on!!!
Next Autumn spotted the bright green Lampshade also for $3.99.  It was the perfect color and in great condition, so we made our purchase and headed to JoAnn's for buttons.....

And that's where things went wrong.....
We had a great time picking the perfect combination of colors to match her room and we tried to keep the price down by buying the inexpensive ones in color packages.... 
We even had a 40% off coupon...
But in the end we spent $25.00 on buttons...Yikes!!

Oh well I was happy that Autumn had a project to do over the break!!! 
And she was excieted to do it!!    Win - Win  :)

When we got home she started randomly gluing the buttons on with my hot glue gun....
Holding the buttons in place until they were stuck on firm. 

Having not seen the example, I had no idea what she had in mind but I trusted her choice in buttons and love the differnt sizes she used!
Although it took longer than she thought to glue all those buttons on...It was well worth the time!

I love the way the light shines through the button holes at night!!

We were thinking of painting the lamp green....

But in the end we deiced white looked better in her Room!!
And yes it is sitting on the coffee table we turned into a Pet Bed last summer...
It made a perrrrfect night stand for Autumn...and her cat Calli LOVES it too!!!

So there it is, a simple, relatively inexpensive project (providing you can come up with some cheap buttons) :)  that would be fun for all ages to do!!

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