Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On a Sunny Afternoon

A couple of weeks ago...The weather finally hot here in the Pacific Northwest...So I thought I'd share some pictures I took of my son wake boarding on Liberty Bay.

Board Grab

These two pictures are a "Backside 180"

Handsome..huh?  :)

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How to Dye Rice

Hi there...Just did this little craft project the other day and I thought I should share it with you...Mainly because it was pretty darn fun and sooo simple...
Also with Holiday craft fairs coming up it might be useful!!

After purchasing a large bag of white rice I poured 1/2 of it in a glass bowl
added about 2 Tables Spoons Rubbing Alcohol and then a couple drops of Yellow Food Coloring...
mixed it all up with a spoon a Va-La...Dyed Rice.  :)

For the purple I used some of my gel food coloring and it worked just fine although some pieces came out darker than others.

My plan was to use the rice in a display for some of my ceramic necklaces at my booth in Viking Village.....

but to be honest I think the rice took away from the jewelry so I ended up using Pearl Barley instead....

I think the barley showed off booth the dishes and the jewelry better!

The Starfish bowl was perfect for my "Tide Pool" Jewelry!!  :)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sea Shell Table

Here's another little table that I just finished.  I really am having far to much fun...These little tables make quick projects, that I can try different paint techniques, colors and images on.  :)

My daughter thought I should do a Sea Shell on this one ...So after painting it Sea Foam Pearl by BEHR


I was  off to Graphics Fairy where I found this wonderful image of a large shell.  I printed it up and used the same Mod Podge technic that I did on my Yellow Bee Hive Table... You can find the tutorial Here

This time the paper seemed harder to get off but I'm not sure why.  Anyway after a little elbow grease I got it to where I wanted it...But something was missing...

COLOR...I just wasn't lovin the black shell against the blue green table...So I got out my acrylic paints watered them down and added color....Not a whole bunch mind you...Just a little blue green to the outer shell and a very light pink to the inner shell....better but now it felt to strong...

So I got out my sandpaper...Again...and lightly sanded it...Much better!!  :)
I then added a very watered down brown for the shell to "sit" on...Scattered some brown speckles around and distressed the whole table by, yet again, sanding.  :)

  I finished it with a several coats of Krylon's Crystal Clear Acrylic Finish in Satin...Then trotted down to my cousin's cabin, on Liberty Bay to take the pictures.  :)
Thanks Ellen!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

From Bowling Balls to Garden Art

Wow...I've been finishing up a ton of projects lately, but it's left me no time to post them for you all to see...
I will try to do better!  :)
This was promised to you a L-O-N-G time ago but for some reason, I just couldn't get it finished...I think I needed a few sunny days to get me going again!!

Anyway without further ado...Here it is ....
Bowling Ball...Garden Art...

Aren't they fun???
I picked up the balls this winter at different times, but all from the G.W. My original plan was to paint all of them.

But when I brought this purple and green one home, my kids protested...They felt it was just to pretty on its own, to cover with paint!

It took me awhile to figure out what to do with it...I finally decided the way to go, was to protect some of the ball and paint over the rest...letting the shinny marbled purple be the main attraction....instead of the paint!!

I got this great flower punch at a garage sale...So I used it to punch flowers out of Laminate Sheets.  I then placed them on the bowling ball, making sure they were nice and smooth.  To be honest, the punch wasn't fond of going all the way through the sheets, so it was a bit of a fight....eventually it even got too dull to work....At that point I simply drew a few larger flowers on the back of the Laminate and cut them out with scissors and said good enough.

After placing the laminate flowers where I wanted them I spray painted the ball with Krylons indoor/outdoor paint in flat black.  (I first pounded a stick in the ground and set the ball on it using the thumb hole.)

Next step...simply peel of the flower stickers.  :)

I finished it off by sealing it with a Satin Finish, (again by Krylon.)
I thin this is my favorite ball!!

The next ball I did, I spray painted it an off white and then painted bright flowers with acrylic paints...

Last but not least was my "Doodle Ball"  :)

For this one; I first sprayed it white and then simply drew on it with a black sharpie.... 

It has one of my all time favorite quotes on it by Ralph Waldo Emerson,
"The earth laughs in flowers"
And I believe it to be true!!

Well I hope this post wasn't to long...I know I had a ton of pictures but hey the balls are round what do you expect?? :)

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chalkboard: Just Doodle...It's fun!

Just a quick post to share a Chalkboard that I just finished...It's headed down to my booth in Poulsbo today.
I am really loving the gold frame!!  It' the second one I've done like this and is definitely more contemporary than my others it would be perfect for a wedding or maybe a formal dinning room!

I found the frame at a garage sale...They're harder to find than you might think...At the GW the run about $14.00!??  You know me I'm not about to pay that much!  :)

Anyway it had a picture of some lady in the grass...nothing I simply sprayed over with Krylon Chalkboard paint....Done!!  :)

Speaking of my little space...Here's a couple of pictures of it:

Do you like the typewriter?  I have four of them now...I hate getting rid of them but who needs 4 typewriters??  Anyway I took pictures and plan on doing a post about them soon...They are lovely!!!  :)

It's not very big and to be honest I'm not making enough, to be worth my while, but it's only been 2 months.  My daughter says I need to find a different place to sell (a little more up-scale)...I agree but I haven't been able to find it yet!

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