Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easy Sew Pillowcases

Remember last February when I kept making Hot pads?
Well this year it seems to be pillow cases...What is it about February and sewing???

It must be the rainy northwest days with that hint of spring yet to seems to turn my attention to colorful fabric in cheery shades of warmth.

It really all started when my daughter promised her brother a pillowcase ...For Christmas!?!
And she still hadn't gotten around to doing it.

With a friend sleeping over and a Saturday with no plans, we decided it was time to 
"Get ur done."

Because I'm not about to be left out Ki and I went to the fabric store to get our material..
(And I must say I was very happy to find a deer fabric for my husband that wasn't too camouflagey, red neckish!)
Of course Auto had already picked out the beer fabric for her 21 year old brother...

This was KI's first sewing project.  :)  Ever!
I so feel bad this is the only picture I got of her...but her case was darling!

There are so many great pillow case tutorials on Pinterest,
I don't think you need another one form me....

 BUT... because this is a DIY blog I will give it to you in a nut shell..

At the fabric store have them cut 3/4 a yard for the main fabric
1/4 for the trim

                         Simply pin the trim and main fabric together going the long way, (see top picture)

After that's sewn fold the trim in 1/2 and pin to the seam you just sewed.  Folding the raw edge under 1/4 inch and sew again.

Fold the fabric in 1/2 right sides together and zip around it...
Ta-Da your done.

 Two weeks later I whipped these up for my nieces kids...
I tell ya once ya get going it's hard to stop!

If you want to get a bit fancier check out these tutorials...

Anyway that's it for today and Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vintage Bike Floral Display

I survived Valentines as a florist... well barely, I've been sick for the last 4 days...
But other than that it was a fun and wild ride!!

Speaking of rides...

I pulled my vintage bike out of the garden, cleaned it up and brought in as a display piece.
What do you think?

We Zipped tied the basket and the flower cans on.

Set it atop some floral crates covered in moss 

And then filled it full of flowers...
To be honest I had imagined it a bit different....
I had planed on making the perfect arrangement...just for the basket...full of flowers and trailing jasmine but we plain and simple ran out of time. 

For the window we keep it simple, using pink and white chalk markers we drew a 
tree for the bike to sit under....It looked it's best at night when it was dark out.

We also decorated a mannequin...buts that's another day.

For today, well....I'm out of time.


I will hopefully be linking up to some of the parties in my side check them out!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello Friends

Good morning friends, I have missed you all!!  My last blog post was July 2015....YIKES

A lot has happened since then that has kept me away form my blog and much crafting...
it's all good of course...except for the part about not blogging and crafting...I had know idea how much I would miss this little blog and my handful of friends.

So whats going on you might ask?

It's not that I have exciting news or that it's any kind of a big of a deal but I am now managing a little floral shop (I'm not allowed to say where) but between working full time, my daughters senior year in high school and her club volleyball travels, well there just isn't much time left in the day....


So there it commitment to you ...well mostly to me...

Put out one post a week even if it's just a lovely bouquet or flowers..

Like this one for Molly (love that girl)...Purple and Gold for NK Senior Night.... 


So hopefully you all will join me on my new adventure as a fledgling florist and an almost empty nester.

There will be more flowers post than ever before...but who doesn't like flowers?

I plan on finishing my 1960's trailer this summer so you might want to stayed tuned for that...Here's a sneak peek...

And of course I will continue to share my hand stitching...

And Jewelry making...

And lets not forget farm life...

 So there it is...I guess I have more to blog about than I thought...

Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you!!

God Bless and thanks for stopping by,



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