Saturday, April 30, 2011

Project 64: Week 16, Color Pacific Blue

Whew...I didn't think I was going to get my entry in for Week 16 of Project 64...But then...While feeding the bunny I looked down and saw the exact color I was looking for (Pacific Blue), there on the deck of the Play House.  :) 

 You may wonder why I have old insulators sitting on the deck of the play house!?!  Well...My plan has been (for the last 3 years) to build a little fence around the garden adjoining it, to keep the chickens out.....The insulators are to go on top of the fence posts.  My plan was to make a wattle fence..but now I'm thinking something chicken wire.  Maybe that way it will get done!  :)

Aren't they awesome?  I collected them years ago when I was a kid... I loved the way the sun colored the glass...still do!!!

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shag Pillow

It's been a very busy couple of weeks with work and Autumn playing 3 sports (what was she thinking)!?! Anyway I'm kind-of disappointed in my self that I didn't find time (or make time) to post anything ...I haven't even kept up with Project 64...which is one of my faves!! 

I did however manage to find the time to finish this darling Shag Pillow...That I saw featured on U Create by V and Co.  For the super easy tutorial  click here:  Shag Pillow Tutorial

                          I choose a Cheery Orange for mine...Not a big surprise.  ;)

The "Shag" part is made out of jersey knit fabric cut into 1 1/2" X 4" rectangles that you sew in rows onto a cotton background...It really was easy, but a bit time consuming!!! 

As I stated earlier I don't have much spare time but do have the constant need to create!!......Other wise I will just shrivel up and die or go really crazy...either way I'm not willing to chance it!!! 
Anyhow this was an easy project to work on a little bit at a time and the end result was better that I had hoped for!!
(Now Autumn wants me to make a couple for her room)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project 64, Week 14: Burnt Sienna...and My Sad, Sad Garden

Burnt Sienna is this weeks color for project 64....Which was far to easy to find in my garden....
This little guy sits on a fence post to greet all who enter...His arms are made to hold a peanut.  :)

 He was made by one of my favorite local artist Victoria....I tried to find a web page for her but couldn't do so...If our paths cross again, I will defiantly get her info so I can pass it on to all of you!!!

 I also found Burnt Sienna in the new leaves and buds on my Red Sargent Viburnum...Lovely.....

But now for the not so lovely you could say the "Bad and the Ugly"....
This winter did a number no all of my Hebe's...YIKES

This is a hedge I planted many years ago...I got the Hebe's at Rite Aid super cheap.  I was planing on making a water garden behind it his summer...but now I need to rethink the hedge too...

Can you find the crayon?
This one is in my front garden...I stuck the crayon amongst it's dead leaves...It blends in all to well!!  :(

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Off My Needles

OK....OK...The truth is I finished this hat in February ...but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to share it with you ....and it is a GREAT HAT!!!..... Far to Awesome to just forget about!

 I have made this hat too many times to count...Well I probably could but, I'm far to tired to put that kind of energy forward....L-O-N-G day.  :)  To give you an idea though, if you look at the top of this page I'm wearing it in winter white and if you scroll down to the bottom I have a picture of Autumn in a green one....We do LOVE this hat!!!

The bobbles give it texture...(not to mention make it interesting to knit) and I love the way the crown kind-of swirls!!  Angel like it too!! for the details I knit this one out of a wonderful Alpaca yarn and the pattern came out of my VERY FAVORITE HAT BOOK.  I have knit six of the patterns out of this book and loaned it out to many friends...most of them have ended up buying the book for themselves...It's that good!!!

Just in case it's hard to read from the picture (some of us are getting old ya know)  The book is Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron.

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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!