Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shag Pillow

It's been a very busy couple of weeks with work and Autumn playing 3 sports (what was she thinking)!?! Anyway I'm kind-of disappointed in my self that I didn't find time (or make time) to post anything ...I haven't even kept up with Project 64...which is one of my faves!! 

I did however manage to find the time to finish this darling Shag Pillow...That I saw featured on U Create by V and Co.  For the super easy tutorial  click here:  Shag Pillow Tutorial

                          I choose a Cheery Orange for mine...Not a big surprise.  ;)

The "Shag" part is made out of jersey knit fabric cut into 1 1/2" X 4" rectangles that you sew in rows onto a cotton background...It really was easy, but a bit time consuming!!! 

As I stated earlier I don't have much spare time but do have the constant need to create!!......Other wise I will just shrivel up and die or go really crazy...either way I'm not willing to chance it!!! 
Anyhow this was an easy project to work on a little bit at a time and the end result was better that I had hoped for!!
(Now Autumn wants me to make a couple for her room)

For more great ides click here:


And Here:


  1. Hi there! Here i am! :-)
    i love the color you chose for your pillow! we definitely have the same background for our blogs! nice to find you! :-)

  2. So cute! I featured this on hoo's got talent! Thanks for linking up to the party!



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