Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Tank Re-Do

Lately I have been drawn to all the altered clothing that I keep seeing on blogs and in Magazines so I decide to attempt one myself.....and I must say I'm pretty happy with the results!!

I started out with an old ...and I mean old, yellow tank that I love but is way to short to wear in public...and  yet I haven't been able to give it up...LOVE the color!!

 I knew I wanted to try making some up cycled flowers out of T-shirts so I grabbed two of Autumns that I had in the "Good Will Pile"...Whew, glad I never got around to dropping them off!!  :)  I then zipped on down to JoAnns and found this butterfly fabric and some white lace (the lace was in the red tag area...right on)!

 I then cut the lace in a strip that was twice the length of the hem of the tank and 6" wide.  I pinned it onto the Back side or wrong side of the Tank...

So that I could sew it just above the existing hem.

 I cut the butterfly fabric the same length but only 4" wide .....After melting the edges with a candle that it wouldn't fray.......which by the way was VERY FUN!!  I pinned it to the right side of the tank...

I liked the way it leaves a little "top ruffle" after it's sewn...I then of course sewed it.

 For the flowers I cut the Ts in either 1" or 1 1/2" stripes the length of the t-shirt.  I then sewed them down the middle with a very loose stitch so that I could pull and gather them.....After folding them in half, I simply rolled each one into a flower....I then  played around with placement....decide to sew four at the necks edge and add one down by the ruffle..... 
For the one by the ruffle I added some of my butterfly fabric.......

So here it is my new tank that I  can once again wear in public....

Not bad for a first try!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Shelf

For Mothers Day my family helped me build this darling little garden of all it didn't cost a thing!!!  But I think I should start at the beginning....

This winter during a wind storm the arbor finally just let go and fell...It's not like it was a big surprise...My husband wanted to tear it down last summer...but I couldn't bear too...not with the garden in full bloom!!  Plus...I guess ..I wanted it to hold up just one more year.  :(  This winter was not going to let that happen!!

Sooo...One snowy day we tore it down...somehow it seemed easier in the dead of winter, while the yard was still dreary and gray.  We cut the wisteria and the trumpet vine...with no money to replace it, they need to go too!  :(

With out the arbor the side of my house looked VERY plain....And I need a cheap way to jazz it up fast!!  So I took inventory and gathered up some odds and ends that we had laying around the farm and got started...
There needed to be a focal point between the two windows so I drug an old water trough out of the's bottom was rusted so it no longer held water....the perfect planter!!!  I leaned a piece of the arbor behind it for a climbing annual or two to grow on...

It was now time to make the shelf....I found a nice thick piece of wood but wasn't sure how to attach it....That's when Bryan came up with the idea to use two old garden forks...He drilled them in two places...The first to attach to the board and the second hole to screw into the siding......

I added an roll of  barb wire, the antler and a gourd form last years garden...the green pot was a garage sale find for .25 and the succulent I cut of off an existing plant....oh yes... the boys gave me the geranium for mothers day.  :) 

Well the new gardens not finished yet but I think I'm off to a good start...More to come!!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whats Happenin on the Farm...

Well...Autumn and Madison have deiced to go into an egg sell'in two weeks ago they bought 5 new baby chicks (Yes, Autumn...I realize baby chicks is too "wordy"...every one know that chicks are baby's ..but I like the way it sounds)!
Anyhow, between really crummy weather and Autumns playing 3 sports...we haven't had much chance to take them out,  But.....

It was a sports free weekend and the weather was good so the little gals finally went on a "field trip" to the garden... I was happily weeding...they were happily scratching....and Angel was happily watching....a little too closely!!

She has a hard time leaving baby chicks alone...there is something about those soft fluffy mouth fulls that are just to hard to resist!!   Not to worry though...we watch her closely...

and once she's use to them...and they're grown up.....she'll  guard them from the dangers on farm just like the rest of the flock!
Good Dog Angel!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Water Color Chickens....Easy Art

This is such a fun and easy...almost cheating way to paint a portrait...I have done it twice now, with grade school kids in my art class, with much success....the kids are always so proud...I will show you their pictures later...just have to get permission from parents...after all the are self portraits

Anyway Autumn and I painted a portrait of our chicken Pebbles (On Easter Sunday after a wonderful brunch with my family...Ahh the perfect day)...So here's how it's done.....

First of all I take the picture I want and then edit it with Picnik, using the Pencil Sketch Tool...I try to get it as light as possible... but still being able to see the lines.... I then print it on water color paper...The picture to the right is what I ended up with.... 

The next step is to trace the lines you want to show, using a black sharpie (I like the ones with a super fine tip).  After that you simply paint you portrait using water colors....The ink from the printer does run (not the sharpie)... this shows up more with the lighter colors....We just consider that shadows.  :)

You can see that I Autumn and I chose two different color themes...which is really the joy of it...If you don't like the first one you simply print up another!!!  Or you could do four different color sets for the same print...Kind-of an Andy Warhol look...or have everyone in the family paint the same picture and see how different they turn out.....
 I've seen so many great collages in Somerset Studio and have been dieing to give it a shot...So that is where I put my chicken....I'm now thinking collage may not be my style...but never the less I tried it!!

We still haven't deiced what to do with Autumns painting but we have been gathering up material...And over at Ucreate the "Create with me" project for the month of May is a jewelry holder made out of an old frame and guessed it chicken wire....I have to think there a way to use Autumn's painting in that!! Go on over to Peace, Love 2 Sisters and check out their tutorial!

Any way that's my art project for the week....Join the fun and check out these link partys for more great ideas ....


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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!