Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Tank Re-Do

Lately I have been drawn to all the altered clothing that I keep seeing on blogs and in Magazines so I decide to attempt one myself.....and I must say I'm pretty happy with the results!!

I started out with an old ...and I mean old, yellow tank that I love but is way to short to wear in public...and  yet I haven't been able to give it up...LOVE the color!!

 I knew I wanted to try making some up cycled flowers out of T-shirts so I grabbed two of Autumns that I had in the "Good Will Pile"...Whew, glad I never got around to dropping them off!!  :)  I then zipped on down to JoAnns and found this butterfly fabric and some white lace (the lace was in the red tag area...right on)!

 I then cut the lace in a strip that was twice the length of the hem of the tank and 6" wide.  I pinned it onto the Back side or wrong side of the Tank...

So that I could sew it just above the existing hem.

 I cut the butterfly fabric the same length but only 4" wide .....After melting the edges with a candle that it wouldn't fray.......which by the way was VERY FUN!!  I pinned it to the right side of the tank...

I liked the way it leaves a little "top ruffle" after it's sewn...I then of course sewed it.

 For the flowers I cut the Ts in either 1" or 1 1/2" stripes the length of the t-shirt.  I then sewed them down the middle with a very loose stitch so that I could pull and gather them.....After folding them in half, I simply rolled each one into a flower....I then  played around with placement....decide to sew four at the necks edge and add one down by the ruffle..... 
For the one by the ruffle I added some of my butterfly fabric.......

So here it is my new tank that I  can once again wear in public....

Not bad for a first try!!

I am a "Co-Host" at Blue Eyed blessings for this weeks, handmade Wednesday blog hop...
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  1. Very nice! I have some cloths that could really use a makeover.

  2. That came out adorable. I too have been drawn to this trend and just may have to try it out.
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. This is really cute, it came out great! Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower from Handmade Wednesday.

  4. Awesome..from handmade wednesday hop!!

  5. Great top and pics. You remind me of Tracy Porter-just fabulous! I'm a new follower from handmade wednesday (just a day late :)
    Nice to meet you!! Hope you do a happy dance today!



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