Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sunday Drive...

Last Sunday I had to take my son to a friends house to work on their History Day Project...It was way out in Indianola by the bay...Wow what a beautiful place to live!!!...Anyway on the way back I got kind-of lost....not super lost ...just kind-of lost...I knew if I kept driving up hill I would eventually hit the main road!!! Have I ever mentioned to you that I believe that things happen for a reason? I truly believe this....You just have to trust in God!!!
Soooo as I was driving up this super long hill...there it was on the side of the rode with a FREE sign on it....This WAY COOL TV.....Well of course I couldn't pass it by...There was a vintage dresser next to it but it was to big and heavy for me to fit in the car by myself...Both pieces may have been out in the weather for a day or two because none of the drawers on the dresser would open...but had it fit...It too...would have been mine!!!

The TV is a Panasonic and I have no idea what year it is...or what I'm going to do with it...Garret has already taken the back off trying to figure out if we could put a flat screen this point he says that won't work....Hmmmm...Don't need another aquarium!! :)

I did my usual and checked  Etsy to see if the had any TVs like this for sale.....just to see what it's worth...but they didn't have any...not a big would be pretty heavy to ship!!
Anyway...while I was looking I came across this great little pin from Not your Grandmas Vintage that I thought was worth sharing!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 64: Week 11 - Scarlet

This picture was actually taken last fall...but it was too perfect for this weeks prompt from Project 64...Scarlet (Not to mention I have been to busy at work to get out much). 

Mr. Tree Frog wasn't hard to spot......He was  just sitting there on my Peony plant with his lovely green skin showing up as a shinny contrast against the bright red color of the leaves.

I took several pictures of him before he decided to hop off....The one on the left I edited with  picnik using  HDR-ish on the effects page.....I think this just might be my new favorite tool!

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Pebbles and his Magnificent Head of "Hair"

As I mentioned in my last post...My little Polish chickens are my very favorite to photograph...They are also the entire family's favorites to pack around  and cuddle with...yes I did say cuddle...I have never had cuddly chickens before...but these guys are truly content to just sit on your lap and snuggle!!

Any way over at Madeline Bea's Sunday Creative her creative prompt for the week is MAGNIFIED....and I thought these photo I took of Pebbles were perfect!

Just look at that head of "Hair"....hey you might say it's MAGNIFICENT....Hee Hee.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

One More Chicken Treasury...But defiantly not the last one!!

Ok, By now I'm sure your all aware that I do LOVE MY CHICKENS...So with that being said here is another great Chicken Treasury!!!  The white hen down on the bottom row is mine...She's our oldest hen and was hatched right here on the farm...She is also my favorite to paint.....Although my little Polish Chicks from last year are my favorite to photograph!  And by the way I love the first print "Checking The Coop"!

'Which came first, the chicken or the egg? ' by dancinggrasshopper

Checking the Coop -...

Waldorf Inspired Ki...

Three Hens Notecard...

needle felt hen

Eggs in a Basket 8x...

Chicken Belt Buckle

Vintage Dictionary ...

The Eggsential Tote...

Hatchling - n.001

Digital Download, N...

Chicken Coop

Keep 'Em Flying...

Origins Red (EEPR02...

Easter Decorations ...

Fowl Play- 8 x 10 S...

White Hen 8X10 sign...

This Wonderful Etsy treasury was created by Dancing Grasshopper....Check out her shop!!
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday in My City...Chasing the Moon...

Last night I threw the whole family in the car... well OK maybe I didn't throw them...but we all got in the car picked up Grammie and headed out to get the perfect view of the moon...It was the closest to earth than it has been in a very long time....I think 18 years...but don't quote me on that!!!

 We drove around for a while because my "darling" husband was sure that there would be a great view of it in an housing development...Duh???  Anyway we finally convinced him to head North towards Poulsbo where we got these shots of it coming up over Liberty Bay.

My camera is an old point and the pictures didn't come out the way I had hoped...but after doing some editing on picnik I decided the weren't half bad.  ;)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!

Here's a cute little Garden Gnome I pulled out of the kiln just in time for St. Patty's day!

To make this little Tile.....I used stamps I made out of clay for the flowers and rain drops and  a rubber stamp for the Garden gnome...pressing them in the clay while it was still moist...I then fired ...painted and fired once again....This is a real easy fun project for kids of all ages....for the younger ones I might glaze their tile in one soft color instead of having them try to paint the details.


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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Project 64: Week #9...White

Here's my entry for Project 64 Week # 9, color white.....These are my all time favorite Cowboy boots...I bought them years ago when I worked at Nordstroms (about 19 or 20 years ago)...Hey does that make them vintage??

Anyway they are way cool and they weren't cheep....but my hubby had gone hunting for the week so I figured if I had to stay home and work I deserved them (This was long before kids).  That's why I call them my "hunting boots". ; )  I have resoled them twice and just yesterday I noticed that some stitching had come loose. :(

After reminiscing about my favorite boots.... I just had to take a shot of them with two other pair of boots that are very dear to me...The large ones were my Dads....I will always remember him wearing cowboy boots...after all he was a true cowboy...and the reason I have such a great love of the outdoors and all the tame and wild critters in it!!  The little pair were my sons...he wore them everywhere along with his "cowboy" vest and 10 gallon hat...Dang he was cute!!...I thought he would be a bull rider...but instead he drives race cars...close enough!  :)  You can check out his blog at: Garret 3G Racing

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids Art: Drawing Sea Horses

I just did this art project with my little K-2nd grade art class and and was so pleased with the results that I thought it was worth sharing.....(I am now doing it with my 3rd - 5th Graders...I did say I liked it)!  :)

Anyway...after a discussion on warm and cool colors I got out the water colors and told them to paint cool colors on their background paper....letting the colors melt and blend together and making sure the paper was good and wet with no white showing.

Now here comes the fun part...while the paper was still very wet we sprinkled it with the salt crystal absorb the water they leave a really cool pattern on the paper (This works really great for winter scenes too)!  This technique shows up well on the above two paintings.

Directed draw for a seahorse
I then had them draw the Sea Horse on a separate piece of water color paper.  I like to break down animals into simple shapes that make it very easy for the kids to diagram shows how I did this....I also use very simple for #1 or the horses jaw I told them to make a smile....I draw along on the white board putting each shape up as I'm explaining how and where to place each one (side ways smile, frown, strait line ect..)...So I am drawing the same picture as they are.

When they were done drawing I gave them the choice of oil pastels or crayons to color in their  Seahorse ....Then they carefully cut them out......When they were done with that I had them cut Sea Grass out of green paper.

The last thing to do was place the sea grass and the horses on the background paper and glue them down...
Ta-Da.....a FABULOUS picture...good enough to frame and hang on the wall!! 
(All these wonderful Seahorses were created by my little students) 

Now go out there and teach those little kiddos to draw!!  ;)
It's time well spent!!
Before you go...Check out these great projects...


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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'll Take Two of Everything!!

Over a Madeline Bea's Sunday Creative the prompt for this week is TWO.....
Sooo.... Here's my entry's:

Two Fabulous looking Snappers...showing off at Seattle's Pike Place Market

Two Race cars...This is what my son will be racing this year...Go Garret!!

And Two signs of Spring....YIPPEE!!!

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