Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sunday Drive...

Last Sunday I had to take my son to a friends house to work on their History Day Project...It was way out in Indianola by the bay...Wow what a beautiful place to live!!!...Anyway on the way back I got kind-of lost....not super lost ...just kind-of lost...I knew if I kept driving up hill I would eventually hit the main road!!! Have I ever mentioned to you that I believe that things happen for a reason? I truly believe this....You just have to trust in God!!!
Soooo as I was driving up this super long hill...there it was on the side of the rode with a FREE sign on it....This WAY COOL TV.....Well of course I couldn't pass it by...There was a vintage dresser next to it but it was to big and heavy for me to fit in the car by myself...Both pieces may have been out in the weather for a day or two because none of the drawers on the dresser would open...but had it fit...It too...would have been mine!!!

The TV is a Panasonic and I have no idea what year it is...or what I'm going to do with it...Garret has already taken the back off trying to figure out if we could put a flat screen this point he says that won't work....Hmmmm...Don't need another aquarium!! :)

I did my usual and checked  Etsy to see if the had any TVs like this for sale.....just to see what it's worth...but they didn't have any...not a big would be pretty heavy to ship!!
Anyway...while I was looking I came across this great little pin from Not your Grandmas Vintage that I thought was worth sharing!

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