Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken Stool...Using Mod Podge Transfer Method

I think two of my favorite things to paint are stools and picture frames... probably because they are so quick and easy...I'm into instant gratification.  :)

Anyway I got this baby at the Good Will on Friday and had it in my shop by Monday..quick and easy!!
I simply cleaned it up and then painted it with some homemade chalk paint...It did take 3 coats.

Then it was of to Graphics Fairy where I found this great chicken pic...
I printed it and then applied it to the painted stool using the Mod Podge  method.
Pretty much...I painted Mod Podge where the print was going...placed the print ink side down on the stool and then let it dry.

When it was all dry I started gently rubbing the back side of the paper off  with a little bit of water and my finger...some of the print came off too...but I like that!

I just kept working on it until I had the look I wanted...
For me, that  means I do a little, walk away and then come back...I can't seem to do it all at once....who knows why.

After I had the image the way I wanted, I sanded the rest of the stool to give it a vintage look...I also added some flecks of black paint...something I also tend to do...
Last step was to spray it with a protective  finish.

Anyway here's the finished product...It didn't last long in my shop so now I'm searching for more stools.  :)

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Weekends Work

Last weekend while we were at Yakima at a Volleyball tournament and I came across an awesome garage sale...We were headed for the Goodwill (Yes...That's the first place I head when the kids are between games)!  When we spotted a garage sale in a beautiful old neighborhood...My Favorite!!!   Not only are the "finds" usually Great but I just love looking at the old houses and their lovely gardens!!!

Anyway - This one did not disappoint!! I picked up this incredible vintage typewriter....


I also got the crystal lamp you see in the background...It cleaned up beautifully...The shade is up in my sewing room getting ready for a "face lift"...It will be a later post.  :)

As for the Altered clipboards..I finished them on Saturday along with the painted frame.
Again I will do a longer post on the clip boards...I just wanted to show you what I've been up too.  :)

As for this darling little owl I picked him up Saturday morning and them drooped him on his head on Sunday...*@!& it all.....broke his ear.  :(

I also worked on  this shabby little table/ magazine rack...I'm trying to get the veneer off the top...any suggestions would be appreciated!  Oh yes, I also finished painting the white wire baskets (behind the lamp).

And then, last but not least, I decoupaged  this darling little picture from The Graphics Fairy,
onto a galvanized bucket, I picked up at the GW a while ago.....

The problem is...It looks to good on my table in the hallway and I want to keep it.  :(

So there you have it...A bunch of lovely new finds headed down to the shop! 
(And the reason my house is still dirty).
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Friday, March 8, 2013

A little Bit of Gray Shabbiness

Hi everyone...Sorry about the 2 week break...Did you miss me?  My old I mean vintage computer finally, just gave up and quit on me.  :(  Then my vintage printer and scanner refused to work with the new guy in the office so they too had to be replaced...YIKES!!! 

Anyway it looks like everything is up and running for now...
So let me share a couple of little projects I've done.
This first one is a lovely little message board I picked up at GW. 

It looked old and tired but the needle work was lovely!!!   (Did you know both my brother and sister had Arabs growing up)?...And why do people get rid of  their needle work?  
Here is the before....

I simply painted it with a couple coats of homemade chalk paint in gray.  The shabbied it up with some sand paper and finished it of with a coat of polycrylic for protection...And by the way...Why does paint look better beat up than wood?

For this little spice rack I did the exact same thing...Doesn't it look better?

Here it is down at my shop filled with the lavender hearts I made in February.
Well got to to a Volleyball Tournament in Yakima... Guess what?.... There's a Hobby Lobby there...I can't wait!  :)   Go Storm!!!
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