Saturday, April 27, 2013

Burlap Lamp Shade DIY

On a recent trip to Yakima for a Volleyball tournament I picked up this beautiful Crystal Lamp....

But the shade looked like this....

So I went to work to create this Lovely...

Big smile..happy sigh :)

So this is how I did it:

The first thing I did is rip off the old outside fabric on the shade.

Using burlap fabric that I already had on hand, I cut a stripe about 4 inched wider than the lamp shade measuring from top to bottom.

 Using my hot glue gun, I glued the it to one of the wires and then stretched it to the next one also gluing to it.  
On the 3rd wire I glued and then cut the fabric leaving it close to the wire.

I then went back and turned the burlap over the top  and bottom of the shade gluing it in place as I went.

I then started again but this time gluing on top of the last wire with the fabric on it.  I repeated this process until the shape was fully covered.

For the flowers I did a simple rolled flower You can find the tut here:  On The 36th Avenue  
One of my very favorite blogs I might add!!! :)

For the leaves I first covered one side with Mod Podge so they wouldn't fray.  After they were dry, I just cut out leaf shapes in different sizes.

I used the hot glue gun to glue them on....


Here it is lit...I wish I didn't have to sell it.....  :(

And here it is down at my space in Viking Village.

Thanks for visiting!

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Peace, Love and Blogging.  :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crackle Finish for Re-Purposed Drawers

Today I have two awesome projects for you all wrapped into one!!  :0  I am going to show you how I gave a face lift to some old drawers and how to create a crackle finish using white glue (I used Elmers).
Lets get started...

Here are the two drawers I with jade inside and the other with pink.

They came from a  little cabinet I picked up at a garage sale last summer...I think it came out of a kitchen.  At the time I had no idea what I would do with it....but the price was right.  ;)

The first thing I did was paint the drawer white (it took several coats).

I then painted the inside and the front. (I'm just lovin jade and pink right now)!


After the bottom coat (in this case pink) was dry, I painted a thick coat of Elmer's glue on the front of my drawer, letting it sit for about 4 minutes...I wanted it to dry a bit, but not much.  
While the glue was still tacky I painted on a coat of white.  Only paint in one direction...not back and don't want to mix the glue and paint...The paint should be laying on top of the glue.
It didn't take long for the crackles to appear....which was a good thing; cause I made everyone in the house watch....While I skipped around singing it's working  :)

I did the same thing for the legs...just because the crackle was so fun...
My little tip for painting legs is to make a holder by poking  holes in the bottom of an upside down, simple and easy!
They screwed easily into holes I had drilled.

I lined the boxes with scrapbook paper and then covered the whole thing with a protective coat of  Polycrylic.

TA-DA... They woul be a fun oprion instead so a gift "basket"!!

Here's one down at my shop...The cloche it was another easy project...You can find it here and the chalkboard table here .

That's it for now...Thanks for visiting and let me know if you have any questions....I would be happy to help!! 
I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side bar...Do check them out!!!


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