Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Suitcase Side Table...(The perfect place to store knitting)!

You probably already know, I have a love for all things vintage...With that being said; one of my very favorites (for now, at least)... is the Vintage Suitcase!  I think it all started with a pair I got form my dad...I store my half finished Christmas Stockings in them.  :) 
Anyway I got this "lovey", free at a rummage sale...can you believe!
Made my day!!!

I also got an old glass top coffee table with the glass missing for free.
They both sat around for far too long...until one day a light bulb went off in that little head of mine....

I took the legs off the table and tossed the top...(It was ugly anyway).
I then went down to Home Depot and purchased some bolts, because...some where along the way, I lost the ones that had been taken off...

My husband then bolted them on to the bottom of the case and 

A lovey new (well kind-of) side table.

I think the legs  match the Suitcase perfectly...Don't you?

Now it is ready to do double a side or end table, as well as an awesome place to store things...maybe your knitting, or some extra books and a cosy blanket...Hmmm...
What would you store in it?

Denise  :)

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Curbside Dresser

Don't cha just love a freebee on the side of the road???  They're my fav!!  :)
Speaking of favorites...One of my AWESOME girl friends is always finding things for me...She is a long distance runner and I swear she's everywhere.  :)  She's probably running right now as I sit at the computer with my cup of coffee typing...well at least my fingers are in shape!?!?

Anyway, she called me up one evening saying she found a dresser and I might want to take a look at it.....
Needles to say I grabbed my husband and off we went.

It was missing it drawer pulls and a bottom of one drawer, but other than that it was in great home it went.  :)

I mixed up some homemade chalk paint  (i use plaster of paris in mine) and painted it white....It had been a lovely green, so after the paint was dry I distressed it so some of the green showed through.
The cute drawer pulls came from World Market

For a bit of whimsy....I painted the sides of the drawers with random yellow dots to match the pulls.

I still need a little some thing so I headed over to The Graphics Fairy and downloaded this darling french bee design ...

Printed it out and used Mod Podge to transfer it.... You can find my tutorial on how to transfer on my side bar.  :)  Don't you think it was the perfect touch?

Here it is down in my little space...Needless to say it wasn't there for long.  :)

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tank Top Refashion

The kids and I have had so much fun altering things with bleach this summer...Here's one more project that was so simple and easy to do...
I purchased this tank form Walmart for about $4.00...Didn't even bother to try it on (why am I always in such a big hurry)??? 
Anyway I got it home and realized it was 40% polyester...not really sure if that makes a difference and the fact that it was so cheap..I decided to give it a try anyway.

Below is the before pic...pretty basic!!

I mixed some bleach with water (we've been using a 2 to 1 mixture...2 cups water to 1 cup bleach).

I then set the bottom half of my tank in the salutation...The bleach traveled up the fabric giving it that awesome design on the top.  After about 10 minutes I took it out...rinsed it and then realized that some bleach had splashed up on one side...Hmmm...What to do-What to do...
Oh I thought to myself...I'll have Autumn use straight bleach and paint fire works on one will ever know it was a whoopsie.  :)
I was planning to were it on the 4th anyway.  :)

After washing it I added the 3 stars, with a stencil and some white acrylic paint....
That was it...perfect for July 4th....but not 4rthy that I couldn't enjoy it for the rest of the summer too.

Stay tuned for the girls denim shorts...They are so cute!!
Here is my Painting Shoes with Bleach tutorial if you missed it.

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I can't seem to figure it out.  :(

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Painting Shoes with Bleach DIY

I saw this projects on one of my very favorite blogs; Alisa Burke and I knew I had to do it with my daughter and our friends!!!  Alisa's tutorial is Here

The first thing I did was pin Alisa's tutorial on my DIY Board so our friends would have some kind of an idea of what we were doing...

I had everyone pick up their own shoes...instructing them to choose a dark color.
Rite Aid had some fake Tom type shoes, cheap, so that's what Auto and I choose.  Gillian got a pair at Walmart for $5.00....Whoot-Whoot and Right On!!!

Anyway this is what the "Tom" style looked like....

I poured a small amount of  bleach into custard cups, so pretty much everyone had their own.
I also had a variety of small synthetic brushes...synthetic so the bleach doesn't damage them...

Everyone also had a paper towel to blot their brushes on...otherwise you get a dot on your fabric where the brush first touches.

Next step was to go ahead and "paint"...The more bleach you use the more color it takes away...but be careful not to use to much, or your design will grow.

Paint one area at a time and then decided what to do next.

The most appealing is to use a large pattern in one area and then a smaller one in another...Gillian's black ones are a good example on this.

Love Savanna's design!!


Even simple looks great!!

 Olivia put her design on the toe of one shoe, and the back part on the other...The red ones above reversed the design between the toe and the top of the shoes...

There wasn't a bad pair in the bunch!!!
Again I have to thank Lisa Burke for giving us this great idea.....

 So go ahead and grab a bunch of girl friends and give this a try!!  It is a perfect summer afternoon project!!!
Stay tuned for more bleach projects...This was only the beginning!  :)

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shabby Side Table

It must be Summertime because I seem to be in a white and yellow mood...There is something about that combination that is so fresh, clean and warm...Just like a northwest summer.  :)

Anyway my last two pieces of furniture I painted in that combination...but they were both just asking for it...

Today I'm going to share the side Table I picked up after a Volleyball camp...
I drop my girl off and then went shopping...what fun!!

So this is how it started out...kind of beat up with a reddish stain...but I loved its lines...the criss-cross on the sides, the detail around the edges...It had potential!!

I gave it a quick sanding, grabbed my homemade chalk paint and got started...

It took 3 coats of paint and some sanding in between to cover up the original finish, but it was soooo worth it!! 

I used my a sander to "Shabby it Up" and then waxed it with my own little recipe...It's a combination of clear wax and Briwax in Golden Oak...I don't tend to use dark waxes...I like my colors clear and clean.

Lastly...I just had to share this lovely shadow that was on my side table when I went out to take pictures...It made me smile.


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