Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pistachio Cabinet

As I promised...One more Furniture up-date...
I found this baby at the GW for only $8.00...which is hard to believe because I think their prices have gotten outrages for furniture!!

OK...This piece is definitely not antique but it was super clean and really, only needed handles for it's doors....

Which I found at World Market for $3.99 each....Together the two of them were the same price I paid for the cabinet...:)

I can't stand those cheap "cardboard backs" in new pieces these days !!  So...I had my hubby pick up some beadboard from Home Depot.  (By the way he was ecstatic and surprised..or maybe the other way around when I said they would cut it for him!!!)

I was in a lazy mood and wanted this job done quickly so I zipped on down to my favorite place for spray paint (Walmart) and picked up a can of by Krylon in Pistachio...Oh do I LOVE this color!!!
After about 4 light coats, we glued and nailed it to the back...

What an easy Makeover and the whole thing cost me only about $30.00.

Well...Thanks for stopping by and as usual I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side bar...
Have a Great Day!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coral and Blue Night Stand

Wow...June is such a C-R-A-Z-Y month.....Between birthdays (my baby boy turned 18), school dances, finals, sports banquets, races and anniversary's, I haven't had a chance to catch my breath much less Blog!!!
I did however find a little time for this furniture "re-do" and I must say I am kind-of pleased with it!!

I got it a the GW for $4.99 ( price to good to pass up), along with the little pink shelf.
Autumn helped me choose the coral and blue paint I then added Plaster of Paris, to turn it into "Chalk Paint"
The drawer pulls are form Cost Plus and I finish it with two coats of  Water-Based Polycrylic by Miniwax....
Total cost $18.00.   :)

I've got lots of other projects started so "stay tuned"...July should be a fun month!!

And as usual thanks for stopping by!!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kids Art: Water Colors and Elmer's Glue...

Last week was my last after school art class for this year....So sad!!  :(
I truly had the best group of kids, and they turned out some fantastic art work!!
I think this last project is proof of their artist ability!! 
These are kids from 1st to 5th grade....

So here is the fun and simple lesson....

Like usual it started out as a directed draw on the wipe board, this time of my old Betta "Flame"...
(who sadly he is no longer with us).

After completing their drawing, I had the kids trace over their lines with Elmer's Glue, mixed with black acrylic paint.  (I just gave each glue bottle a few good squirts and then mixed it up the best I could).

I also had them practice on a scrap piece of paper, just to get the hang of it...
You need a nice even pressure on the bottle.
We then left them to dry until the following week...

That's when the real fun began....
Time to paint!!!
The glue works a s a wonderful barrier and keeps the watercolors where they belong...
Well mostly.  :)

The thick Black outlines really make the colors pop!!

Yes I know these last 3 fish aren't Betta's...

My assistant Joanna did the directed draw for these lovelies...
Nice job Joanna!!!

Although this was my last class...don't worry I do have one more
 "Kids Art" project to share with you...
Some very cute hippos.
Check back soon and until next time...
Thanks for dropping by!!!
 I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side bar...
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