Monday, February 18, 2013

Felted Wool Slug

I think I mentioned I've been in a sewing mood lately....but to be honest I'm in a crafting mood...I think maybe that's my great escape...When things get tough I get creative...It keeps my mind from hyper focusing on things I can do nothing about.  

My goal is to see how many things I can get out of a Mossy Green Wool Sweater that I felted....
and so far this little guy is my Favorite!

I started him on Super Bowl Sunday while my family was all up in the Bonus Room watching the big game.

Using my chalk pencil I drew his shape on a fold in the sweater...cut it out and opened it when your cutting paper hearts.  I Needle felted the stems and the leaves and then sewed the button "flowers" on.

I planed on stuffing him with dried beans but there were none in the house to I opted for rice and of course some Lavender.

I love the way he turned out and would defiantly use the rice again!

Although when I made this little guy I thought of him as a Slug...He makes a great book worm too!  :)

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Cloche Love

Maybe it's because of  the gray Northwest days but I have have had so much fun making little display type Cloches...full of  flowers and anything springy!!  :)

It all started with a trip to the GW where I spotted four of these little cloches. 
They didn't have bases and of course were over you can imagine how happy I was when, I came back  about week later and they were 1/2 off... (Big Smile)!  I could only find three of them and they were scattered around the store...but they were MINE!

Next step was to find a base and maybe, just maybe, something to go inside.....
Do ya think I might have gotten a bit carried away?  The chicken plates were also at 1/2 off, so I couldn't leave them behind and they will look fantastic on my dinning room wall...I do love my chickens!

I tried a lot of bases for my 3 little cloches and this was one of my faves (of course I already had this one at home).  You can't tell from any of my pictures but it has a lovely Silver Plated Base.  I added the sweet little swans and an Air Plant I purchased on Etsy...(I just love Air Plants) and Fa-La the first one was done!
(I still have 2 more tops like this but that will be another post)  :)

For my second Cloche I used a candle base...I have no idea what the dome top belonged to...
but I like it!

The china flowers I put in the center are handed painted by Aynsley aren't they beautiful?

                                                          Here it is all put together.

While I was poking around GW I also found 2 cheese cloches.  This one with a wood base and one with marble base....but...that will be another day...

For this one I painted the base with "Gray Area" by BEHR and then sanded it some...for a distressed look...sprayed it with Krylon's Matte Finish and put a silk Peony inside. 

All of these would be fun to change up for the different season...but right now I NEED SPRING!

These are off to Viking Village...but there are already more in the making  :)
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Monday, February 4, 2013

"Paris in Spring" Occasional Table

So I've been trying to finish a piece of furniture a week ...which isn't easy now that I'm back to work at the nursery...but I do think I organize my time better when I have a lot going on....
The thing I don't always get done is my blog post and sometimes I wait way to long to respond to your WONDERFUL comments so I do apologize!!

Anyhow, I finished this piece last week and I am so pleased with it!!  I got it last summer at a garage sale and knew then, I wanted to decoupage the top...The original plan was put a map with Point No Point (Our very favorite beach) on it.... but I couldn't find one with the colors I wanted.

So I got on Etsy and searched maps...They had a ton of maps and fabric with  travel themes.

I found two that I liked and purchased from Loris Country Fabrics.  The other is going on a "Suitcase Coffee table"...but that will be another post.  :)

Don't you just love the fabric???

Here's my before picture...Man do I miss summer!  I purchased the other two tables at the same time....Look how green my yard was...Heavy Sigh.  :(

I painted it with homemade chalk paint and then distressed it all over...I like the way the black came through when sanded!!

I cut the fabric a little smaller than the table top...and then used Mod Podge to adhere it.
I put on several coats of Mod Podge and then sealed the whole thing with polycrylic.

My son's girl friend liked it so much that we covered the top of her table with the same fabric....
She painted her's pink.....too cute (although not the best picture..sorry)!!

Well that's it for now but stay in touch I have a lot more to come!  :)
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I decided top enter this little project in:

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