Monday, February 11, 2013

Cloche Love

Maybe it's because of  the gray Northwest days but I have have had so much fun making little display type Cloches...full of  flowers and anything springy!!  :)

It all started with a trip to the GW where I spotted four of these little cloches. 
They didn't have bases and of course were over you can imagine how happy I was when, I came back  about week later and they were 1/2 off... (Big Smile)!  I could only find three of them and they were scattered around the store...but they were MINE!

Next step was to find a base and maybe, just maybe, something to go inside.....
Do ya think I might have gotten a bit carried away?  The chicken plates were also at 1/2 off, so I couldn't leave them behind and they will look fantastic on my dinning room wall...I do love my chickens!

I tried a lot of bases for my 3 little cloches and this was one of my faves (of course I already had this one at home).  You can't tell from any of my pictures but it has a lovely Silver Plated Base.  I added the sweet little swans and an Air Plant I purchased on Etsy...(I just love Air Plants) and Fa-La the first one was done!
(I still have 2 more tops like this but that will be another post)  :)

For my second Cloche I used a candle base...I have no idea what the dome top belonged to...
but I like it!

The china flowers I put in the center are handed painted by Aynsley aren't they beautiful?

                                                          Here it is all put together.

While I was poking around GW I also found 2 cheese cloches.  This one with a wood base and one with marble base....but...that will be another day...

For this one I painted the base with "Gray Area" by BEHR and then sanded it some...for a distressed look...sprayed it with Krylon's Matte Finish and put a silk Peony inside. 

All of these would be fun to change up for the different season...but right now I NEED SPRING!

These are off to Viking Village...but there are already more in the making  :)
Thanks for visiting!
(I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side check them out)!


  1. I can feel the love.... They are fabulous!

    hugs x

  2. I am so inspired, I don't own one cloche, but I see those cheese platters and now I see how great they look white! They all look wonderful!


  3. Oh my word, how fun, I absolutely love all of your cloches. Way too cute. Hugs, marty

  4. Cute!! I love a great find like that! Lovely presentation!

  5. Very pretty! I love how you painted this cloche and your decor is so pretty and delicate.
    I would love if you link this to my link party Monday morning!



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