Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nap Time Buddies

When my mom comes over to visit she often takes a nap on the couch with Cash curled up at her feet...
But last Saturday when I came up stairs to check on things; this is what I found.  :)

 There is no doubt...Cash LOVES Grammy!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Lavender Heart Sachets for Valentines

Here is a quick and easy project to spiff your space up for Valentines Day plus give it a bit of a springy feel (and smell too).

First I made a pattern out of card remember...just like we did in grade school ...fold the paper in half and cut and then open it up.  :)
I then folded my fabric right sides together and then traced around the heart with a pencil.

Not wanting to sew and then have to turn the fabric inside out I choose to use my pinking sheers to cut out the hearts.I pinned them and added a ribbon on the inside for the ones I wanted to hang....on my cool white tree that I got for a dollar last summer....just had to brag a bit.  :)

I sewed around the edges leaving a space open to add the stuffing...
Stuffed them with lavender seed and poly-fill...then sewed up the hole.

They seemed a little plain so I hand sewed a button on each side....Done!  :)

For the banner I simply cut slits to thread the ribbon through.

Here they are down in my space at Viking Village....

Just what it needed!

Told ya they were easy to make! 

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awesome Chalkboard Coffee Table

 OK...This is by far the BEST, MOST AWESOME piece of furniture I have done!!!
The only reason I can give it up is the colors don't go at all in my house.  :)

Don't cha just love it?

When I saw it at the Good Will I knew I had to have it!!!
I loved the shape of it (especially the legs), it has a Mid-Century Modern feel.

The top had some burn marks on it, but other than that it was in good shape and made of solid wood.
So after my lovely husband sanded it for me I painted it with several coats  BEHR Ultra in "Full Moon." 

I then taped off the area for the chalkboard and painted it with Krylon Chalkboard paint....It felt to white, so I added jade("Winter Surf") to the inside of the legs...better
But it was still missing something...I then added "Hollyhock Pink" around the edge (a Martha Stewart color, also from Home Depot). 

I loved the way the jade was just a little surprise on the inside of the legs but it didn't show well and it was a great color !!!  Sooo.....

I added two jade stripes to the top....Perfect! 

Here it is sitting in front of my couch... 
My son's girl friend wanted it for her bed room but then decided she needed a smaller version for her dorm room next year.  :)  
Well that's it for now and thanks for letting me brag!!!
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Drawer Side Table

Wow this week had just zipped by!!!  I started back at the tree farm on Monday....Am I ever sore and tired, but I promised myself to keep pushing on and try finish a piece of furniture a week...
So here's last weeks project...

 I got this baby at the GW unfinished and ready to paint...
Can you believe that...Sometimes wishes do come true.  :)

I painted the body with BEHR's Semi-Gloss Paint and Primer.
(The color is Full Moon)

The drawers I painted with one coat of the white and then two coats of "Valley Mist" by BEHR. 
 (I like that you can get little samples cheep)!

The drawer pulls are painted with my favorite Yellow: "Whisper Yellow" again by BEHR.

Here is is down in my space at Viking Village.

The space is kind-of empty now so I am working hard to fill it back up...I plan on adding a Chalkboard Coffee Table on Friday (I will post it sometime next week....I'm hoping it will be way cool).
I'm off to paint just one more coat of Chalkboard paint....

Thanks for Stopping by!!
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ear Warmer and Fingerless Gloves DIY

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Are you ready for another year of crafting?  I sure am...I have so many ideas in my head it almost makes me dizzy.  :)
(I know for a fact it drives my family nuts)!

The other day I was working on 4 different projects at one time...while trying to put my Christmas decorations away...
I love the Holidays...My house is all clean and ready for company...but it also means all my crafts (except for knitting)  are put away.  You see I tend to craft all thought the house.  :)  The thing is...I like to be with my family so I work in whatever room they are in and then tend to leave little messes behind...That is something I'll be trying to improve in the New Year!!!

Anyway....Here's  a little project I finished just after Christmas...(I started it before but ran out of time).  :)
I found this wonderful striped sweater at the Good Will and knew I would have to make something out of it!

After felting or shrinking it in the washer I cut the bottom of the sleeves to make the fingerless gloves.  I made these ones 8" long and cut the thumb hole 3" down from the finger end.  I then sewed around the arms with a Zig-Zag stitch on my sewing machine...I love the way it make a slight ruffle. 
Because of the stripes they didn't need much embellishing so I just added 3 pink buttons to each glove.

Now for the ear warmers I had a little more trouble...mainly because I have never made them before, but this was the perfect fabric...So it was time to learn!!

 I made a pattern by tracing around a fleece one that both Autumn and I liked.  I then laid the pattern out on my sweater and cut 2  pieces...The plan was to sew them together and then turn it inside out, so the seams were on the inside...But I didn't like the way it laid and it looked just fine with the seam on the outside (remember the wool fabric is felted so it won't fray).
I sewed two vintage buttons on, cut out the Button holes (planning on sewing around them later) and put it on my lovely model..Autumn.....
She can make anything look good!!!

So there it is my first project on 2013....Now it's your turn give something new a try!!!

I hope this year turns out better than planned full of lovely surprises!!
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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!