Friday, January 25, 2013

Lavender Heart Sachets for Valentines

Here is a quick and easy project to spiff your space up for Valentines Day plus give it a bit of a springy feel (and smell too).

First I made a pattern out of card remember...just like we did in grade school ...fold the paper in half and cut and then open it up.  :)
I then folded my fabric right sides together and then traced around the heart with a pencil.

Not wanting to sew and then have to turn the fabric inside out I choose to use my pinking sheers to cut out the hearts.I pinned them and added a ribbon on the inside for the ones I wanted to hang....on my cool white tree that I got for a dollar last summer....just had to brag a bit.  :)

I sewed around the edges leaving a space open to add the stuffing...
Stuffed them with lavender seed and poly-fill...then sewed up the hole.

They seemed a little plain so I hand sewed a button on each side....Done!  :)

For the banner I simply cut slits to thread the ribbon through.

Here they are down in my space at Viking Village....

Just what it needed!

Told ya they were easy to make! 

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  1. This is so fun! thanks for linking up to Favorite Friday at I'm Not a Trophy Wife! laura

  2. Sweet! I have a lavender plant that's really exploding and should dry some this summer to make these!!! New follower. Follow back at

  3. Right after I put my lavender filled heart banner on Saturday Nite Special I saw yours! What are the odds of us both having this great idea at the same time? lol Love your's!

  4. Cute sachets! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.



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