Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite Projects of 2013

Here it is my year in review...Well at least my blog year...No I'm not going to show you all my projects...just some of my favorites.

So scroll threw, click on the one's you missed and pin them for future references...I have added a link to each one.

Of course the year started out with the best model ever.....Autumn.  :)  She's wearing a headband and fingerless gloves I made from an old wool sweater...up cycling is my fav.!!!.  :)

In February I made Lavender Sachets.


Plus...This darling little Book Worm/Slug.

March brought this little Chicken Stool using the Modge Podge Transfer Method....

My Burlap Lampshade in April was a big hit on Pinterest.  :)

May was a good month with this Chicken Stool...

Some awesome Garage Sale Finds...

And Last but not least....My French Bench.

In July we Painted Shoes with Bleach...I have to say this project was my favorite!!!
If you only try one do this one!!  

I taught Art Camp again (by the way, they were most wonderful group of kids)....
Here is the Directed Draw they did of a Deer...I have the complete instructions in the post.

Altered Dominoes geared me up for autumn.

Anything Paris or French was an easy sell at my shop and this little Eiffel Tower Night Stand was no exception...

I used Milk Paint for the first time in a very long time on this End table by Drexel...
I liked it!!  :)

Another kids art project using Black glue and Water colors...

I did my first Vintage Market....Sooo Much fun!!

Week End Finds are always popular posts...I just think it's fun to see what people are scrounging up around the country!!

This was my favorite piece of furniture ....I was sorry to see it go.  :(

November My daughters Volleyball Team finished 5th in State...Whoot-Whoot!!!

Okay...That not really a project but...Cool huh?

 Winter always brings on more sewing and felting projects for me...
With fox becoming so popular.....I deiced to design two different style Fox Gloves...

At the end the year I gathered my crafty group of friends for a Snow Globe Making Party...
(plus I was a contributor for my fist time at the Inspiration Cafe).

Well that's it the highlights of 2013...

What will 2014 bring???  
Hopefully Happiness to all of You!!!

God Bless!!!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a Snow Globe Party...

But not here...over at the Inspiration Cafe....Where I am a guest blogger (it's my first time ever)!!

So head on over and see what this darling group of girls created along with other snow globe ideas!!!!

Your going to love this blog!!!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Red Fox Gloves from A Wool Sweater

I picked up this lovely burnt orange sweater last year with the plan to felt it and make a fox tablet cover...

Great idea ....Still not done.

I did manage to make a couple of  "Fox Gloves".
 They were simple and fun and gave me that creative relief that I always seem to need...no matter what time of year it is .  :)

 I did two different designs because...well I couldn't deiced which I liked better...(Yup...Sounds like me doesn't it)?

Anyway...the first set I made out of the sleeves...flipping them around and putting the cuff in the back. I cut a triangle into the sleeve to give it the fox head.

The face is hand stitched using more felted wool.
For the thumbs I simply cut a slit in the wool...I don'st sew around them because they lose their softness, plus they hold up just fine without any extra reinforcement! 

For the second pair I just moved up on the sleeve and cut another piece off (8 inches long).  Because this part of the sleeve is larger I used a button to pull it in and make it a little more fitted at the wrist.

This time I gave the fox whiskers and left his face square. 

Cute huh...

Which pair do you like better?? 

Thanks for visiting and STAY WARM....(It's 17 degrees her in Pousbo)!!!

I will be yet again linking up to all those wonderful parties on my side bar.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Framed Christmas Ornaments

 I don't know about you but thanksgiving is my favorite...
It means the start of the holidays with Christmas far enough away that there is no panic....Yet!!
(Although this year, Christmas is a tad to close)
This is the weekend I want my house all clean and ready to put out the Christmas decorations
Have a little crafting party of course!!

So I thought I's share with you something we did last year.
(I plan on making snow globes this Black Friday...Maybe I should call it White Friday)!..Hee Hee

This was a fun, simple and inexpensive projects with...Well...

Absolutely lovey results!!

I pick up frames everywhere I go, but you can always get cheep ones at the Good Will....

The first thing we did is paint the frames white.
Then using a pencil we dipped the eraser into paint and added the dots...
There is two ways to add glitter you can paint the frame with glue and then sprinkle with glitter or use a glitter spray...Your call.

Next step is to embellish...
Olivia cut holly leaves out of card stock and painted buttons to look like peppermint candy...
she's so creative!!

Add a bow....

Hang you bulbs using ribbon...

And your done!!
It's the perfect way to display those stand out bulbs that would just get lost on your tree!!

Happy Holidays!!!

I will be linking up to the parties on my side bar..Do check them out...They are jam packed full of wonderful ideas!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What...Not Crafting?!?

I have not done much crafting the last couple of weeks....for a couple of reasons..

Fist of all my daughters High School Volleyball team went to State and finished 5th...


This one my favorite picture...The group bump.  :)  What a high energy, very competitive team but at the same time they are the nicest group of girls you will ever meet!!

Not to mention most of them are on the honor roll at school...Impressive!

Thank you so much Harry McConnell....
He is the most wonderful photographer and such a kind person...Him and his wife volunteer their time to capture moments in time that these girls( and their family) will never forget.

But enough about Volleyball....
(Can't believe I just said that)

Second of all I have been trying to clean and organize ...
  The truth is I'm a very sloppy artist...
When I''m creating I spread stuff threw-out the house...
And I do mean everywhere!!!

So This year I deiced to tidy up before Thanksgiving ...
Kind-of  an early holiday gift to myself and my family...
And I am proud to say...
My office is clean
The back/storage room is done
The mud room is clean
and the Bonus Room/Studio is..
Well getting there.  :)

But no worries I do have some projects to share...
So stay tuned...you won't want to miss these!!

Vintage TV turned Fish Tank
Holiday Frames
Snow Globes
 Christmas Stockings
Up-cycled Jewelry (kind-of loving these)...
Well you'll just have to wait and see.  :)

One more piece of exciting news....I will be a contributor for the month of December at :

They have "Junkin Jewels" feature every 2nd Tuesday of the month...Check it out
and have
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Burlap Pumpkins and Gift Bags

I promised I'd share these with you a long time ago...Opps...Sorry!!
I just got busy on other things and forgot...But I'm on it now and you still have time to make them for Thanksgiving!!

I think they would make lovely hostess gifts or use them in you own Autumn decorations!!

I sold them at the Market...but to be honest I didn't have very many made (I sold out)...just ran out of time!
(By the way isn't my little squirrel cute??  I got him at Walmart...Cheap). 

Danielle over at Thompson Family has such a lovely tutorial on making fabric pumpkins, I'm going to send you there to get the how to's;  Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

I got the idea for the gift bags from Craftberry Bush...She has a delightful blog; just full of inspiration!!  If you don't follow her your really missing out.  :)  Her Blog is HERE.

Walmart had mums for a dollar...what is it with me and Walmart today??

Anyway I made my first bags to hold the little pot of mums, but then I got smart and deiced to make them just a tad bigger so one could put a small mason jar inside and use it as a vase.

These were so simple and fun to make plus you could make them for any season just by changing the stamped fabric in front.

So here's what I did;

                            1.)  Cut little squares out of muslin 2" X 2" and then stamped them
                                   with rubber stamps using acrylic paints and different fall designs.

                            2.)  Cut a piece pf burlap 14 X 7" 

                            3.)   Sew on patch with Zig-Zag stitch...

                            4.)  Fold the long edge down 1" and iron

                            5.) Fold right side together  and sew down side and bottom

                            6.)  Turn right side out and press...Ta DA... Your done!

Wouldn't these be cute with holly leaves or snowflakes stamped on them?!?

Well.....Thanks for stopping by!

I will be linking up to the parties on my side bar!  :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chalkboard Table and Chairs

Well I finished those chairs I picked up to go with the chalkboard table...
If you recall I painted the table last year. (you can find it here).  But it never sold...So I decided to get rid of the pink and paint some chairs to match...hoping it might sell for a playroom.

The chairs had a heavy coat of varnish...or something like that...so I painted them with a coat of oil based primmer first.

Below is the before picture ( along with some other goodies I found).

I must say chairs are a pain in the rear to paint!!  But I persevered and was happy with the end results.

I added turquoise stripes to match the table and then stenciled on the words Play and Have Fun on one and Dream, Create and Draw on the other...Okay to be honest I can't really remember what  I wrote on that one for sure and my pictures aren't very good...but you get the idea...I hope!

I also painted the back of the chairs with chalkboard.....

Here they are at the market.

I wish I had gotten better pics but I finished them the day before we had to set up so I am amazed that I took any at all!  Do you want to know the funniest thing is??  The chairs sold but not the table...What the heck??? Guess I'll be looking for more chairs!  :)

Thanks for visiting and know that I will be linking up to many of the parties on my side bar. 


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