Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What...Not Crafting?!?

I have not done much crafting the last couple of weeks....for a couple of reasons..

Fist of all my daughters High School Volleyball team went to State and finished 5th...


This one my favorite picture...The group bump.  :)  What a high energy, very competitive team but at the same time they are the nicest group of girls you will ever meet!!

Not to mention most of them are on the honor roll at school...Impressive!

Thank you so much Harry McConnell....
He is the most wonderful photographer and such a kind person...Him and his wife volunteer their time to capture moments in time that these girls( and their family) will never forget.

But enough about Volleyball....
(Can't believe I just said that)

Second of all I have been trying to clean and organize ...
  The truth is I'm a very sloppy artist...
When I''m creating I spread stuff threw-out the house...
And I do mean everywhere!!!

So This year I deiced to tidy up before Thanksgiving ...
Kind-of  an early holiday gift to myself and my family...
And I am proud to say...
My office is clean
The back/storage room is done
The mud room is clean
and the Bonus Room/Studio is..
Well getting there.  :)

But no worries I do have some projects to share...
So stay tuned...you won't want to miss these!!

Vintage TV turned Fish Tank
Holiday Frames
Snow Globes
 Christmas Stockings
Up-cycled Jewelry (kind-of loving these)...
Well you'll just have to wait and see.  :)

One more piece of exciting news....I will be a contributor for the month of December at :

They have "Junkin Jewels" feature every 2nd Tuesday of the month...Check it out
and have
Happy Thanksgiving!!


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