Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kids Art: Painting Octopus with Watercolors and Glue

It's been way to long since I posted a Kids Art Tutorial!!
So I thought I'd share some octopi my art students painted a summer ago...

This would be a perfect art project for a elementary classroom studying Marine Biology...

By The Way...

Did you know, we grow the worlds largest Octopus right here in the Puget Sound?
(The largest know one weighed 600 lbs and had an arm span of 30 feet.)

I started out having the kids draw an octopus in pencil, asking that they use the whole page for their design with some parts going totally off the paper....

The next step is to go over the design with colored glue.  This time we used black.
If you haven't colored glue before its easy, just add some acrylic paint to a bottle of glue and then stir like heck till it's all mixed in ( I use a chopstick to stir).  Then use the glue bottle to go over your drawing.

The glue works as a raised resist so after it's dry, finish your painting with watercolors.

 This talented group of kids made me look good.  :)

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