Monday, September 24, 2012

Rustic Pumpkins

Well it's official Fall is finally here.  As many of you know it's my favorite time of year...Heck - I even named our daughter Autumn.  :)
So in honor of pumpkin season, I thought I would share with you these AWESOME Pumpkins my son's made!


My sister in law purchased one at a garage sale this summer, I loved the simple rusticness (don't think that's real a word) of it! 
Anyway I asked the boys to make me some and this is how they did it...  

Garret cut a log we had for fire wood in half and then shaped the top and the bottom with the chainsaw.  

After that Drew used a wood rasp to scrape the bark off...

They drilled a hole in the top and then popped the "stem" in.  :)  
I added the leaves around the top and Va-La...

The orange color is the natural color of the Alder after the bark has been peeled.

I will be showing off these babies at many of the link parties on my side bar so check them out!
And as always...
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thrifty Finds in Shades of Autumn

Thought I'd share with all of you my "Thrifty Finds" from the other day...
Autumn had a Volley Ball Tournament this Saturday so I went out "Garage Selling" early Friday Morning...

I just love the skeleton block print...It's titled "Waiting for the perfect man"  HA HA

I hit about 7 Garage Sales but only bought at 3 of them....
And it seems that everything I gathered up went dang great together!!...

Must have been my subconscious because I didn't plan it that way.

Here they are down at Viking Village...I think the Fox playing cards would be perfect in a collage!
The fabric is a wool lovely wool quilt top....It's so cozy....Maybe someone will finish it!  :)

My favorite piece is the plaid cooler in the back...I wanted to use it for Auto's volley ball game but I bit the bullet and brought it down to the shop instead.  :(

Everything is sitting on a way cool Vintage Trunk, that another vender owns right outside my space (It even has the original key)!.... 
Anyway it was Sooo nice of her to let me put my display on it!!!

How about you any Awesome finds out there??
I would love to hear about them...Leave me a comment and a link, if you wrote about it!
And a usual...Thanks for visiting!
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Page Flowers and Candle Sticks

Check out this cute candle stick I got at Good Will. It was originally white but I wanted something with a little more antique and autumn feeling so I painted it Pistachio Green with spray paint by Krylon....
I just love that color!! 

For the paper flowers I used an old book that had been caught in the rain at a garage sale so there was no guilt about ripping the pages out.  :)

The flowers are oh-so simple to make!! 

You cute a circle and then cut that into a spiral ...
Roll it up from the outside in...
Starting out tight and rolling loser as you go...
I used a hot glue gun to glue the bottom and keep it from unrolling.

I cut a 3/4 inch strip of my book page and glued it in a circle to slip onto the candle and then glued my paper flower to that...
.  For some I cut out leaves,  folding the leaf in half to give it shape...

Of course I would never burn the candles with the paper on them, but they do add a lovely touch don't you think?

Well got to go for now but I have a ton more Autumn decorations to come.
Do Check back!!!

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