Monday, September 24, 2012

Rustic Pumpkins

Well it's official Fall is finally here.  As many of you know it's my favorite time of year...Heck - I even named our daughter Autumn.  :)
So in honor of pumpkin season, I thought I would share with you these AWESOME Pumpkins my son's made!


My sister in law purchased one at a garage sale this summer, I loved the simple rusticness (don't think that's real a word) of it! 
Anyway I asked the boys to make me some and this is how they did it...  

Garret cut a log we had for fire wood in half and then shaped the top and the bottom with the chainsaw.  

After that Drew used a wood rasp to scrape the bark off...

They drilled a hole in the top and then popped the "stem" in.  :)  
I added the leaves around the top and Va-La...

The orange color is the natural color of the Alder after the bark has been peeled.

I will be showing off these babies at many of the link parties on my side bar so check them out!
And as always...
Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Denise that is the cutest pumpkin...what a great idea. Love it!




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