Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Red CoffeeTable

I don't know about you but life sure gets w-a-y busy when the kids go back to school...
Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes it seems I don't have time to catch my breath.

On the upside the weather has been lovely and I have managed to get a few projects done...
Down time to post them.  :) apologies and I will try harder to get things posted!!

I'll start with my Little Red Coffee Table because...

It started out as this beat up brown table that I got at a garage sale.  I knew I wanted to paint it red but I had a tuff time finding the perfect color....Until I ran across "Barn" Red by Martha Stewart.
I know they show up way different on computers but this is really an AWESOME RED...
If red is what your looking for, do try a sample of this one!!

Anyway after painting it "Barn" red I placed some aspen leaves on it and traced around each one with a pencil.

I then painted them with (again the perfect fall color)..."Yam" also by Martha Stewart.
I used my acrylic craft paint to outline the leaves.

Last step was to wax the whole thing with BRIWAX in "Golden Oak"....It gave the table a nice rich patina!

So there it is a lovely little red coffee table...which by the way looks way to nice in my living room...but I bit the bullet and brought it down to Viking Village.  :(
Thanks for visiting and stay tuned.  Because...
This week I plan on finishing my "Post Cards from Paris" Table.  I will try to share that with you as soon as it's done!  Plus I have some great pictures of an Owl we saw in the field and maybe I will give you a peek at my little space... Just because I love it when people show me theirs...that sounds kind of weird!  :)  but you know what I mean!
Anyway I also plan on linking up to many of the link parties on my side bar...
If I can squeeze it in.  :)

Talk to you soon.


  1. what a fun piece- would be so cute on a fall porch!

  2. super cute, I love red for fall, especially that shade of red!

  3. Brave people paint things red! I love your table and your blog and look forward to reading more. Linda at The French Hen's Nest.

  4. It's adorable. I love the little leaves painted on it. Visiting from SNS.

  5. Very cute!! I love the red! I found your blog through the blog hop! I am a new follower so I hope you will follow me back.


  6. Love the color and design, great job! Thanks for linking up to our Pretty Things party. Hope to see you back next week!

  7. This is the cutest thing!! love the look, pinning!!

  8. Just beautiful...bright and cheerful. Quality Beds and Mattresses



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