Friday, April 30, 2010

April's Stocking is Done!

Here it is the long a waited April Stocking...I really did finish it in April...I promise...but this darn old computer..I mean this wonderful computer locked up and I couldn't post it...and then I was off to the Races.....sounds like an excuse but it's TRUE.....I did finished it on the 29th.. which was was the 2nd to last day in April, but none the less I finished it on time! In case your wondering what all the rambling is about...I made this commitment to myself that I would complete a Stocking a Month ...this way I won't be trying to get them all done right before the holiday rush...Good Idea, eh? Anyway ....This is my latest Stocking...
Isn't it fun??? I love non traditional colors for Christmas!!!
This would be the perfect stocking for all those "Little Monsters" out there...I know Autumn likes it. :)

Dove Tree

My Dove tree is in full bloom right now and I thought it was worth sharing...It's one of the few exotic trees I've planted, that my cow didn't ruin before it reached a safe size. (She liked to knock them down with her horns...great fun.)I'm not sure what the proper name for this tree is ... I don't remember names I can't pronounce!! Anyway I love it and I love this picture too!!...Maybe I should get doves this summer.
White Bird Landing...Fine Art Photo
By Barbara Carter
Can you see all the Little "Doves" hanging from it's branches? It's other common name is "Handkerchief Tree"....I have to admit the flowers look more like handkerchiefs, but I like idea of doves better. :)
I hung a little bird house in it, earlier this spring and I think I saw a Chickadee checking it out...That's my Crab Apple blooming behind it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Etsy Rainy Day

It's such a rainy morning here in Poulsbo...too rainy to work in the garden...I think I'll go for a walk with my Mother.
But first here's some of my rainy day favorites from Etsyrainy day
Doesn't his little girl just make you smile?? She reminds me of my Autumn ...She can't resist a good rain!
This is the perfect t-shirt for a day like today...well actually most the days here in the pacific Northwest. :) Oh, Crappy Day Ring I love a good thunder storm as well as a rainy day to stay inside and work on crafts...but the title of this ring just cracked me up!!! Not to mention I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

iheartfaces photo challenge...Autumn

This is my entry for the iheartfaces "smiles" photo challenge.....There is something about this picture of Autumn that just fills the heart with joy!!
I love the idea of a page full of smiling faces...Check it out!
SMILE !!! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get a gun...Get a gun!

Early the other morning as I was working in my kitchen, I glanced out my window and saw a "Clever coyote" chasing down my favorite hen ...ok ok, they're all my favorite hens...... But this one is probably my most photographed hen ...I even did an oil painting of her!
Isn't she lovely?
The Clever One by Reyes Paintings
Anyway this coyote was big and beautiful just like the one above...but it was after my hen...not acceptable....So I ran out of the house and started chasing the coyote, that was chasing my hen, hollering at the top of my lungs to "get out of here" and at the same time to my husband to "get a gun, get a gun"....I was a bit out of control!!
Believe it or not, this did not stop that determined coyote...It grabbed my hen, with me right behind it...Luckily she got away, only loosing feathers in the tussle. She zipped between my legs, and she ran in the opposite safety.
As that "bad coyote" disappeared into the woods I turned around and saw my husband and my daughter standing on the deck starring in astonishment at what they had just seen. Finally my daughter asked the question: What did you want dad to do with a gun...He couldn't have shot at the coyote ....with you chasing after it!!!
I smiled and answered "Of course not!!! I just wanted him to shoot in the air, to scare it off.
The truth is: That Clever Coyote is like us, he too, is just trying to survive in this crazy world!" (I just don't want him surviving on my hens!!!) ;0
She doesn't look to bad considering all the feathers she lost!
After all the excitement was over, she she sulked off to her nest to lay an egg,
resting her last two tail feathers on the wall.

Monday, April 19, 2010

My peas are up.

Today while I was working in the garden I noticed my peas were 2" high....So in honor of them, I am posting 2 of my favorite "Etsy peas":
Two peas in a pod card, by made by jackie

Two peas in a pod necklace by Lulu Bug jewelry

Yesterday was a perfect day!

Yesterday was the perfect day too:
Learn to count by three's with a Trillium
Work in the garden - with the ladies
Jump on the trampoline!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Morning I Awoke to the Sound of Birds Singing

As I stepped outside this morning I was greeted with the joyful sound of birds singing!!!
It filled my heart and I shall carry it with me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Frogs Visit

Last night someone came to visit...Maybe he came in to play my sons Guitar.... Maybe not.
Last I night sat down in my favorite chair to read my new book on blogging. (Thats kind of funny isn't it?) This is my third week of blogging and just can't get the darn computer to do what I want it to do!! Like there has to be an easier way to copy and link all the wonderful artist I keep finding on etsy!!!...Why is it that the only way I can link up to their shops is by leaving that ugly URL and everyone else shows the name and you just click on it??? Am I making any sense?? ANYWAY...I look up and see the cutest green tree frog climbing up my wall. After snapping a few pictures we carefully showed him the way out...Garrets guitar is just to big for him!! Philosphical Mossy Tree Frog
I love this frog by Elizabeth!! Her etsy shop is Scatches should defiantly check it out!
Rrrrbibit Ring
Another wonderful etsy artist created this ring: Her shop is EmeliaRo and guess what she also bloggs: ... Do you think she could help me???

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Christmas in April???

January Christmas in April you might ask....Well not really...Here's the thing.... I Love to make Christmas stockings out of upcycled wool sweaters...but I never get "in the mood" until, oh about October. That's the problem!! I sell them in my etsy shop and I never have enough!!! Soooo this year I vowed to do at least one stocking a month until October.
I figure by puttin this in my Blog, it will help keep me on track....Plus everyone gets to see my stockings early....I can't wait to show you this months...It's turning out so cute!
It's not a bad idea :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love My Chicks Butt...

For those of you who follow my sons blog,, you know that he and a buddy brought home some chicks the other day....Two of the little gals ended up with a problem that's not uncommon to chicks, but can kill them. Their little poo was collecting to their back end and stopping anymore from coming out .... that's not good, (neither was trying to clean them up)!! I called the feed store who said we probably could have prevented the problem by adding ground scratch to their feed...Sure wish they had mentioned that in the first place... I had a house full of guest and a chick that peeped at the top of her lungs all night long!! I even got up at 1:00 in the morning to clean her feathery little butt.....Man, did I ever have some tired company the nest morning!! :)
Oh well that's life on the farm......And to think my cousin complained about having to sleep with the lizard...but that another story.


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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!