Friday, April 30, 2010

Dove Tree

My Dove tree is in full bloom right now and I thought it was worth sharing...It's one of the few exotic trees I've planted, that my cow didn't ruin before it reached a safe size. (She liked to knock them down with her horns...great fun.)I'm not sure what the proper name for this tree is ... I don't remember names I can't pronounce!! Anyway I love it and I love this picture too!!...Maybe I should get doves this summer.
White Bird Landing...Fine Art Photo
By Barbara Carter
Can you see all the Little "Doves" hanging from it's branches? It's other common name is "Handkerchief Tree"....I have to admit the flowers look more like handkerchiefs, but I like idea of doves better. :)
I hung a little bird house in it, earlier this spring and I think I saw a Chickadee checking it out...That's my Crab Apple blooming behind it.

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