Friday, April 9, 2010

A Frogs Visit

Last night someone came to visit...Maybe he came in to play my sons Guitar.... Maybe not.
Last I night sat down in my favorite chair to read my new book on blogging. (Thats kind of funny isn't it?) This is my third week of blogging and just can't get the darn computer to do what I want it to do!! Like there has to be an easier way to copy and link all the wonderful artist I keep finding on etsy!!!...Why is it that the only way I can link up to their shops is by leaving that ugly URL and everyone else shows the name and you just click on it??? Am I making any sense?? ANYWAY...I look up and see the cutest green tree frog climbing up my wall. After snapping a few pictures we carefully showed him the way out...Garrets guitar is just to big for him!! Philosphical Mossy Tree Frog
I love this frog by Elizabeth!! Her etsy shop is Scatches should defiantly check it out!
Rrrrbibit Ring
Another wonderful etsy artist created this ring: Her shop is EmeliaRo and guess what she also bloggs: ... Do you think she could help me???


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog to look at my "smile" picture. Absolutely take your camera to the graduations, many of my pictures show emotions that i didn't know i was feeling. Anyways I was reading through your blog a noticed that you were having trouble with links, and making it so you don't have to have the link show. I took a webdesign class so I learned how to do it. just type in Type in a name... I don't know if you've figured it out or not already, just thought this may help!

  2. oh sorry that didn't really help you much! Here is the way to do it < a href="type in webiste you want here"> Type a name... close your link with < / a href > but don't include the spaces that I included. this may not be of any help, sorry!



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Autumn modeling a hat I knit for my etsy shop...What energy!!